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Interac® sign-in service

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Log in to Government of Canada websites with your Coast Capital login credentials

Coast Capital is a Sign-In Partner with Interac® sign-in service, giving members secure, convenient access to online government services. Conveniently log in to over 80 Government of Canada websites with your Coast Capital digital banking credentials.

Easy access across multiple government websites


When logging in to online government services, simply select the “Sign-In Partner Login” option. Choose Coast Capital and provide your login credentials.


No passwords or personal information (i.e.: name, address, date of birth, etc.) are exchanged.


Coast Capital won’t know which service you’re accessing nor will the government know which Sign-In Partner you’re using.

Interac® sign-in service acts as an information filter between government services and Sign-In Partners (like Coast Capital Savings). By brokering the connection, Interac® sign-in service ensures that no government service knows which Sign-In Partner the member is using, and that no Sign-In Partner knows which government service they are accessing.

The only information a Sign-In Partner supplies to Interac® sign-in service is a randomly generated number created on the member’s first use of the system and returned to Interac® sign-in service with each subsequent use of the system. No passwords or personal information (i.e.: name, address, date of birth, etc.) are exchanged during this process.

All you need is your debit card and personal access code (PAC) to get started. Don’t have one yet? Contact us.

Once you have your debit card and PAC handy, check out our Getting Started page to learn how to create a digital banking username and password.

Protect yourself from phishing

Coast Capital will never send you any unprompted emails or texts message asking you to provide personal or account information. Learn more about different types of digital fraud on our cybersecurity hub.

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Learn more about Interac® sign-in service on their website

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