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Order Cheques

Personal Cheques

Did you know that you can order personal cheques through Coast Online Banking on the desktop version? If this is your first time ordering cheques, just follow these steps and we'll have them ready for you lickety-split.

  • Log in to Coast Online Banking on your desktop computer
  • Click on Account Services
  • Select Order Cheques and follow the instructions provided

Doing a re-order of the same cheques? Order them directly from D+H online, or contact them at 1.877.448.1294 (toll-free) for the automated reorder option or to speak to a D+H agent.

Please note that if you haven't ordered cheques before, you can visit a branch to choose your preferred cheque design.

Business Cheques

New Business Cheque Orders

Please ensure you visit a Coast Capital Savings branch to place you initial order. For security reasons, D+H (our trusted cheque supplier) will not accept new orders unless they come directly from your Coast Capital branch.

Business Cheque Reorders

Call the D+H contact centre (contact numbers listed below) to place your order. Please note: For security reasons, this option is only available if there is no changes to the personalization, account number or shipping address. If there are any changes to these parameters, please visit a Coast Capital Savings branch to place your reorder.

  • Business Manual Orders at 1.866.507.0600 (9am to 5pm local time)
  • Business Computer and Forms Orders at 1.800.268.5779 (9am to 5pm local time)

Order status, cancel order and general inquires – Please call the D+H contact centre @ 1-866-507-0600 for immediate assistance.

Stop Cheques

You can stop your cheques online any time. Perfect for when you wake up in the middle of the night realizing you paid the wrong guy.

Note: Stopping a cheque is not the same as stopping a pre-authorized payment.

To create a stop on a single cheque, do the following:

  • Log in to Coast Online Banking
  • Go to Account Services and then select Stop Cheques
  • Click the Stop a Cheque link, and select Single or Range of Cheques
  • Read and acknowledge the Stop Payment Disclaimer and Indemnity
  • Specify the cheque date
  • Enter the name of the payee in the Payee box
  • Specify the Cheque Number
  • Enter the cheque amount
  • Click Submit

To stop payment on a range of cheques, enter the first and last cheque numbers in the Start of Range and End of Range boxes.

A service fee will be applied to your account for requesting a stop payment. See our service fees for more information.

Please note: If you need to stop a cheque written on a US Account, please Contact Us for help.

Cheque Images

The cheque image function of Coast Online Banking allows you to see cheques written and processed through your account. Links to your cheque images are included in your Account Statement details on the Account Summary screen. Simply click on the cheque you'd like to review and you can see both the front and back of it.

Are cheque images the same as cheques returned with my statement?

Yes, and you can even print them for your records. Scanned cheque images are considered legal documents and accepted as proof of payment by Canada Revenue Agency and in courts of law.

How long are my cheques available?

Cheque images are available for up to 18 months online. If you need to recover "old cheques" outside of the 18 month period, please visit a Coast Capital Savings branch.

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