Digital Banking FAQs

Common Solutions

Since Deposit On-the-go relies on photographs, make sure yours is in tip top shape. Take your photos under bright lighting with minimal shadows and make sure the entire cheque is visible in the frame.

If you’re still experiencing problems, try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Click Settings on your phone

  2. Scroll down to the application manager or the app list within settings

  3. Click on the Coast Capital app and clear the cache

  4. Once cleared, click on the Camera app in the application manager/app list

  5. Click “Force Stop”

  6. Open the Camera to test a picture

  7. Open the Coast Capital app and try using Deposit On-the-go again

If you’re outside of BC, please pay your bills through desktop banking or by accessing from your mobile phone. And rest assured, we’re working on a fix so you’ll be able to pay your bills through our app soon!

This is an intermittent event that some members are experiencing and we’re working on a fix. In the meantime, you can access e-Transfers through our mobile app. If you prefer using digital banking on desktop, try accessing it through an incognito browser. If you are still having issues, try again later.

This is an error happening on our end that we’re working to fix as soon as possible. If you were paying a bill, clear your cache and double check your accounts before trying again as the payment may have gone through.

Our functionality with some 3rd party aggregators has been temporarily impacted due to recent security enhancements. We are aware of these issues and are working with our partners to ensure that functionality is returned to normal


You can call our Contact Centre or visit a branch to reset passwords and unlock accounts.

You’ll still be required to authenticate yourself using your current login credentials, which are the last 8 digits of your debit card (your PAN) and your 7-digit Personal Access Code (your PAC), through the Contact Centre and telephone banking.

It’s a 7 or 8 digit security code that we’ll send you through a text message to your mobile phone or through email when you complete the following transactions:

  • Adding a new bill vendor (for each new bill vendor added)
  • Updating contact information
  • Adding an e-Transfer recipient
  • Password change

If our system detects unusual activity, like logging in from a new device or location, you might be asked to enter a one-time security code when you log in. From time-to-time, this might also happen while paying a bill or transferring funds.

At the moment, you’re unable to change your username. We are working on the ability to change your username as a future enhancement.

Currently, you can call us at 1.888.517.7000 or come into a branch and we can assist with recovering your username. We will be launching a self-serve username recovery feature and a change username feature in late 2020, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

If you’re seeing an error that says “Oops, sorry, something went wrong.” or are seeing a blank screen when you get to the login page, please check your ad blocker settings and if that doesn’t fix this, please try using a different browser or simply use a private browsing mode.

Bill Payments, Transfers, and Alerts

No need to set these up again. Your scheduled or recurring bill payments and saved bill vendors will be moved over for your convenience.

No, sorry. USD transfers are limited to your own accounts and memberships.

Yes. This is already available if you’re on a desktop but now you’ll be able to do it through our Coast Capital app as well.

Yes. But fortunately, alerts registration is quick and easy because you can simply use the contact information like your mobile phone number and email address already on file. Some mandatory security alerts will also be set up to protect your account from fraudulent activity.

You can create favourite transactions to make repeat payments quick and simple.

Please see the Business Resources & FAQs for more resources.

Digital Banking Help Videos

We’ve put together a library of videos to help you get the most out of your digital banking experience.

Getting started

First-time login

Learn how to set your new username, password and one-time security code credentials.

Security Enhancement

One-time security codes
Check out how one-time security codes work.

Account Features

Personalize your experience
Learn about the different ways you can personalize your digital banking experience.
Set up favourite transactions
Learn how to set up your favourite transactions to make banking even easier.
Small business banking features

Learn about the new digital banking features for small businesses (and how to use them).

Take Charge Money Manager™

Take Charge Money Manager features
Take Charge Money Manager gives you a snapshot of your saving, spending and budget in one convenient place.
Track your spending
Learn how to manage your spending, organize your transactions and find out exactly where all your money is going.
Create a budget

Learn how to set up, view and manage your budgets through our Take Charge Money Manager tool.

Solutions for Digital Banking

What you’ll need for success

When it's time to upgrade to the new digital banking experience, you'll receive a notification when you log in to online banking on desktop, or you’ll get a prompt to download our new app.  Be sure to have the following on hand to get started:

  • Your current Personal Access Number (PAN) – the last eight digits of your Member/debit card
  • Your current Personal Access Code – the seven digit access code you use for online and telephone banking.

Important things to note in the set-up process

  • Be sure to check your junk email folder if you do not receive your one-time security code in the set-up process, or mark it as “not junk mail” to ensure it doesn’t go there again. Please note: As there may be a delay in the delivery of the one-time security code, please wait a few minutes to receive this key item in your email. Do NOT click the ‘Retrieve Password’ button multiple times.

What you’ll need to do for continued success

  • Take measures to remember your new User Name and new Password. Do NOT write them down. Instead take time to create a mental association in your mind to recall them when needed.
  • Once you’ve setup your username and password, you can no longer use your Personal Access Number and Code to log in to digital banking (Please note: this information is still important for contacting our Contact Centre). If you try to use these numbers for digital banking after three attempts you will be locked out for 24 hours.
  • Forget your password? You can reset it yourself by using the self-serve option. Simply click the “Forgot Password?” button available on your phone, tablet or personal computer and follow the prompt.
  • Once you have migrated, do NOT use the Coast Capital App with the blue background and delete it from your mobile phone. Only use the Coast Capital App with the white background.

Trying to connect to a third-party financial aggregator tools (e.g. MINT)

Our functionality with Mint was impacted due to recent security enhancements. We are looking into whether this is something we are able to offer.

Trying to deposit a cheque with Deposit on-the-Go

If you’re experiencing issues with the Deposit on-the-Go, try the below troubleshooting steps:

  • Click Settings on your phone
  • Scroll down to application manager or the app list within the settings
  • Click on the Coast Capital Savings application and clear the cache
  • Once cleared, click on the Camera app under the application manager
  • Click ‘Force Stop’
  • Open the Camera app to test a picture
  • Visit the app and attempt the deposit on the go once this is done

Simplifying the Login Process

Take advantage of our TouchID/Fingerprint ID feature by going to menu > security > setup fingerprint/TouchID.

Have more questions? We have more answers. Check out our digital banking FAQ.

Remember: Login with your username and password for digital banking if you have recently set them up.

We’re upgrading to improve your digital banking experience by making day-to-day transactions easier and giving you the ability to do more. You’ll begin to notice some changes starting this summer, with continual upgrades taking place throughout the rest of 2019.

Have questions? We’ve compiled a list of your most commonly asked questions in one place to ensure you have all the answers

Please note: If you haven't migrated to the new digital banking experience, some of the help in these pages may not apply to you. If you have questions about online banking, give us a call 1.888.517.7000. When it's time to upgrade to the new digital banking experience, you'll receive a notification when you log in to online banking on desktop, or you’ll get a prompt to download our new app. Please continue using the old app until you are prompted to switch – if you download it beforehand, you’ll receive an error message. Once you accept the notification or download the app, we'll guide you through the setup process step-by-step. Learn more.