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Invest securely with a GIC.

A safe, secure way to grow your savings. You put aside some funds for a set amount of time (the term). When the term is over, you're guaranteed to get all of you initial investment back, plus the interest you earned.

Why could a Coast Capital GIC be right for you?

  • You're looking for short to medium-term growth (30 days to 7 years)
  • You want a low-risk investment where you're guaranteed to get your initial investment back
  • You want to start with at least $500
  • You're looking to build your portfolio, either in a registered plan Any account that is not in a registered plan. like TFSA or RRSP, or a non-registered account.

If you currently have a GIC that is setup to automatically renew, you will be sent a renewal reminder letter by mail, 21 days and 5 days prior to the last day of the GIC

Real advice from a real financial partner.

Book your free advice session with one of our investment advisors today, to start investing in the future you really want.

Call us at 1.888.517.7745
Mon - Sat, 8am-8pm; Sun, 9am-5:30pm.

Learn more about GICs

All about GICs (term deposits)

What's a GIC, and how does it work? We've put together a guide to understanding all things GIC - including why you need one.

How to choose the right GIC for your goals.

It may seem particularly challenging right now to save for the future, but we promise there’s a way. Even though inflation and rising interest rates have dimmed economic forecasts for the next couple years, there are still great savings and investing opportunities available.

Balancing risk and reward with market-linked GICs

When it comes to investing, there are many different strategies you can try. For example, if you invest in stocks, you have an opportunity of getting higher returns. However, it’s a riskier product. Alternatively, you could go for safer investments, such as guaranteed investment certificates (GICs)...

CDIC Deposit ProtectionCDIC Deposit Protection

Coast Capital Savings Federal Credit Union is a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). More CDIC information

Only deposits payable in Canada are eligible to be insured under the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act.

Coast Capital Savings Federal Credit Union provides advice and service related to deposit, loan and mortgage products. Coast Capital Wealth Management Ltd provides investment and financial planning services. Coast Capital Financial Management Ltd. provides advice and service related to segregated funds, annuities and life insurance products. Worldsource Financial Management Inc. provides advice and service relating to mutual funds. Mutual fund values change frequently and past performances may not be repeated. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses may all be related with mutual fund investments. Important information about mutual funds is contained in the relevant fund facts and simplified prospectus. Please read the fund facts carefully before investing.