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Use of Cookies

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Mmmm...yummy cookies. Unfortunately, these aren't the kind of cookies you can eat.
Cookies are small bits of information a website sends to your browser. They can be kept in the browser memory for temporary use or stored to a cookies file on your online device’s hard drive. The information cannot be used to identify you personally. Cookies do not collect personal information such as your name, address, telephone number or email address.

a. Session cookies:

We use session cookies to record the fact that you have successfully logged in to our online banking site. When you log in, you are sent a cookie that uniquely identifies your current session. When you request an action, such as to check your statement, the cookie is sent with the request allowing online banking to know who you are and verify that you are properly logged into the system. Without session cookies, we would have to demand your login information for every single online banking function you request. After you log out or remain inactive for a certain period of time, the cookie expires and becomes invalid and you must log in again before you can do anything else.

b. Persistent cookies:

In contrast to session cookies, persistent cookies are stored on your online device between browsing sessions until expiry or deletion. We use persistent cookies for a variety of purposes:

  • Collecting website performance data:
    We collect statistical information on how our users use our websites for statistical and evaluation purposes to help us improve the performance of our website.
  • Memorized Debit Card for Coast Online and Coast Mobile Banking:
    You can select to have a cookie securely store your Coast Capital Savings debit card number and nickname, so that when you log in to Coast Online or Coast Mobile Banking, you won’t need to enter your debit card every time to login.
  • Advertising:
    We use advertising cookies to collect browsing patterns and display advertisements that are more relevant to you and your interests. These cookies do not contain personal or financial information about you. We also use cookies to track if a Coast Capital Savings ad has been clicked on or viewed.
  • Location:
    We use cookies to remember your selected province or territory so that when you visit our website, you see content that’s relevant to you based on your region.
We may use third party providers, such as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, to help collect and compile information about our website performance. Our third party providers may also use cookies to deliver advertisements that are more relevant to you and your interests and to help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. We do not collect or share personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, or email address with third parties.
They do not want their activity on the Internet recorded and tracked. The setting that enables/disables cookies is very easy to change (see the Help menu of your browser for more details). If you prefer the privacy of disabled cookies, simply enable them for your online banking session and then disable them again afterwards. Remember you will have to enable cookies each time prior to accessing Coast Capital Savings' online banking service.
We may change this policy from time to time and will display the changed policy on this web page. We encourage you to visit this web page periodically to stay informed.
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