Members get a helping hand with a line of credit.

A line of credit acts like a pre-approved loan that can be accessed within an existing chequing account. We like to think of this as the safety net loan. It’s there when you need it. With a line of credit, you pay interest only on what you use.

Like all loans, it’s best to review your money situation to determine the right borrowing solution for you. Give a shout, and we can help.

Personal Line of Credit
A helpful alternative to cash advances or large credit card purchases. Get access to extra funds and only pay interest when it's used.

  • Pay down the balance at any time
  • Re-advance your loan as many times as you need
  • Interest1 charged only on what you use
  • Access money through your chequing account, debit card, cheques or in a branch

Terms & Conditions

  1. Rate and approval based on risk profile.

* Variable rate. On approved credit. Rate subject to change.

Home Equity Line of Credit
Use the equity in your home for renovations, big purchases or even consolidating debt, all at a lower interest rate than a regular loan.

  • Access up to 65% of the value of your home
  • Only pay interest1 on the amount used
  • Access money through your chequing account, debit card, cheques, or in branch
  • Pay down the balance any time, and then use it again when you need to

Terms & Conditions

  1. Rate and approval based on risk profile.

* Variable rate. On approved credit. Rate subject to change.


More help.

Here are other products we’ll go over with you when you get a line of credit from Coast Capital Savings.

Loan Insurance
Through our partners at Valeyo, we offer line of credit coverage which takes care of your payments if you become disabled due to a health issue, accident or injury. If you were to pass away, this coverage helps reduce or eliminate your outstanding loan balance. Creditor Insurance available through Coast Capital Savings Federal Credit Union is underwritten by Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company.
Automatic Deposits and Payments

Make deposits into your chequing or savings account at a regular frequency. You can also set up automatic bill payments.

Coast Mobile® Banking App
Do most of your banking with your smartphone and tablet on our Apple or Android App.

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‡ Valeyo is a marketer of line of credit insurance underwritten by Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company (Head Office - Toronto, ON) and insurance-related products. This product may not pay off your entire line of credit obligation. Any benefits will be payable to your creditor. Exclusions, limitations and terms of availability apply to this coverage. For cost and complete details, contact your Coast Capital Savings lender.