Get a guaranteed 3.00% interest rate with our 19-month term deposit.1

  • Guaranteed 3.00% interest rate
  • Only $500 to get started
  • Available in Non-Registered and Registered Accounts such as an RRSP, RRIF, RESP or TFSA
Offer ends March 1, 2019.

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That moment when you get a great rate on your first mortgage

Featured rate: 3.25% 1

5-year variable special insured rate

Let's face it. Unless you're fortunate to have an extra hand from family, or happen to be sitting on a pile of dough, getting 20% for a down payment is tough. And if you have less than the required 20%, you need to get CHMC or Genworth insurance which can add to your monthly mortgage balance.

We make it a bit easier with a little extra help for first-time home buyers. It's our First Home Helper.