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Who is SEI?

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Coast Capital® Mutual Funds are managed by SEI. SEI has helped financial institutions, corporations and individuals create and maintain wealth since 1968. They have over 2,900 employees worldwide, and manage assets of $345 billion globally and $10 billion in Canada.

The SEI Philosophy

SEI has a four-step philosophy towards investing:

  1. Structured asset allocation Your portfolio is divided among various types of investments, and the allocations match your personal objectives.

  2. Continuous portfolio monitoring Market movements often cause portfolio allocations to “drift” from the original positions, but continuous portfolio management ensures that the asset allocation continues to match your initial investment.

  3. Efficient portfolio construction SEI uses pension-style money managers. That means they invest for the long term, consider both return and risk and diversify across and within asset classes.

  4. Manager selection and discovery Your portfolio is built using specialized experts that are held to a strict selection process. This increases the chance for global coverage in all market sectors and reduces the risk of being caught up in the latest market hype.

What we like about SEI is they make decisions based on sound reasoning rather than on "hot" market trends. Because if you wanted to ride a roller coaster, you'd go to an amusement park.

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