2020 Board Candidates

2021 Board Candidates

As required by the Bank Act, Coast Capital must hold an election of directors even if the number of candidates is the same as the number of vacant Board positions. Four candidates are on this year's ballot for four available Board positions. You can read the full biographies of each candidate by clicking on their name below:

*Recommended by the Governance & Nominations Committee.

Recommended Candidates for the Board of Directors

On your behalf, the Governance & Nominations Committee, with the assistance of an external governance expert, has completed an evaluation of all interested candidates. This evaluation not only considers whether the candidates are qualified to serve on the Board of a federal credit union – it also considers matching specific skills the Board needs right now to keep Coast Capital strong and continue delivering the oversight and services our members expect. Last fall, we reached out to our membership advising that the Governance & Nominations Committee would be looking for individuals with senior executive or board leadership experience in the following areas:

  • National Financial Services - experience with strategy and operations with a national scope. This includes a focus on retail and small business, and a deep understanding of credit risk management and federal banking regulatory compliance.
  • Digital Expertise – understanding of digitalization, omnichannel business models, and the use of digital technologies to provide new revenue and create value-producing opportunities. This experience would include an understanding of how to shape the process of adding digital dimensions to business models and customer/member relationships, to transform a business to become more agile and responsive to its customers’/members’ needs.
  • Public Policy/Government –understanding of the federal and provincial government public policy and decision making-making process, including government relations and regulations, through specific government-related experience.

A diverse group of individuals submitted their complete applications. The Board thanks all those members who took the time to consider serving their fellow members as a Director. The Governance & Nomination Committee’s mandate was to review every individual putting their name forward and determine which four, in combination, best align with the criteria outlined in the Ideal Director Candidate Description. After a thorough assessment, the Governance & Nominations Committee determined four individuals best met these criteria.

Susan Dujmovic

During her more than 30 years with HSBC Bank Canada, Ms. Dujmovic has established herself as a strategic executive leader with a proven governance skillset. Recognized for her ability to develop strong partnerships and drive growth strategies and initiatives, Ms. Dujmovic has held a variety of executive management positions working with the bank’s domestic and international sectors in the areas of Risk Management and Governance, Compliance, and Corporate Sustainability. Bringing her wealth of knowledge as an experienced director with extensive audit, risk, and governance expertise, she is currently Audit Committee Chair for Infrastructure BC, a provincial crown corporation and procurement advisor for major infrastructure projects in BC. As a community leader, Ms. Dujmovic remains committed to serving on the Boards of non-profit organizations, most recently as a Director and Audit Committee Chair of the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative, a sustainable reforestation initiative.

Pharid Jaffer

With over 20 years’ experience in delivering strategic and transformational solutions, Mr. Jaffer is well known for his expertise in banking and wealth management, government, retailing, and corporate I.T. As the founder of a leading consultancy, Mr. Jaffer has helped a number of organizations envision, plan and shape their solutions to help transform their information technology, and cyber-security initiatives. Having personally led and managed globally dispersed teams of 500+, he is described as an innovation catalyst who brings a thoughtful approach to every discussion. As an experienced corporate director, Mr. Jaffer continues to bring his insight to the organizations directly impacting his community, in addition to taking time to mentor our leaders of tomorrow.

Nancy McKenzie

Ms. McKenzie is an accounting professional with significant experience in guiding an organization through a significant growth period. During her 20-year career with Seaspan ULC, the last 12 of which were as Chief Financial Officer, she was responsible for leading the Finance, Information Technology, Supply Chain, Corporate Communications and Risk and Security Management teams, and managing major capital projects that resulted in decreased costs and improved efficiencies. As the organization took on the responsibility of building ships for the Canadian government, a major focus was the education and training of staff on the increased risk of cyber-security threats. Ms. McKenzie is an experienced corporate director with deep roots in youth sports community involvement and brings a depth of business experience to Coast Capital.

Christopher Trumpy

Mr. Trumpy was an accounting professional and is a former Deputy Minister of Finance for the province of British Columbia, a position equivalent to that of Chief Financial Officer for the province. As Deputy Minister, he held responsibility for the legislation and government policies related to the Financial Institutions Commission (the agency that regulates British Columbia’s credit unions) and the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation (the agency that insures member deposits). Mr. Trumpy’s depth of public policy and government background in addition to his financial controls experience at the senior leadership and board level reinforces the broad expertise he brings to Coast Capital.