Board Committees

The Board delegates specific tasks to four standing Committees and can create special purpose Committees as needed. Each Committee can draw upon the resources of the CEO and other members of management as appropriate, and may engage outside advisors as required.

The Board determines the authority and responsibilities of each Committee and approves the charters. Committees regularly schedule in-camera sessions, make recommendations to the Board and report regularly to the Board.

Each Committee has a Chair who leads the Committees in performing their functions. Read the Committee Chair Charter

Audit & Finance Committee

The Audit & Finance Committee oversees Coast Capital Savings’ financial reporting and ensures sound internal controls are in place. The Committee ensures the independence and evaluates the performance of the internal and external auditors.

Committee members for 2021-2022: Valerie Lambert, Chair; Leanna Falkiner; Frank Leonard; Susan Dujmovic. Bob Armstrong (Board Chair) is a voting ex officio member of the Committee.

Read the Audit & Finance Committee Charter

Governance & Nominations Committee

The Governance & Nominations Committee ensures that the Board maintains effective governance practices, identifies the priority skills and experience to be sought in director candidates, seeks appropriate candidates for nomination to the Board, and oversees the director nomination and election process.

Committee members for 2021-2022: Chris Trumpy, Chair; Valerie Lambert; Leanna Falkiner; Nancy McKenzie.

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee oversees the human resources strategy at Coast Capital Savings. The Committee reviews policy and strategy with respect to employee salaries, benefits, and incentive compensation, and succession planning for senior management. It also directs the annual evaluation process for CEO performance. The Human Resources Committee acts as the Conduct Review Committee under the Bank Act.

Committee members for 2021-2022: Charlotte Burke, Chair; France Fiorillo; Frank Leonard; Chris Trumpy;  Pharid Jaffer. Bob Armstrong (Board Chair) is a voting ex officio member of the Committee.

Read the Human Resources Committee Charter

Risk Review Committee

The Risk Review Committee oversees the identification, measurement, and monitoring of risks impacting and emanating from Coast Capital Savings’ strategy and business activities and ensures effective controls are in place.

Committee members for 2021-2022: Nancy McKenzie, Chair; Charlotte Burke; Frances Fiorillo; Susan Dujmovic; Pharid Jaffer. Bob Armstrong is a voting ex officio member of the Committee.