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Mutual Fund Costs

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Members get simple help with their investments.

Mutual funds are popular with investors because they're simple to understand and easy to invest in. Every mutual fund has professional fund managers that do the heavy lifting by researching the market to determine how to invest your money, that way you don't have to. Mutual funds also allow you to diversify by asset class and investment style, which can help you manage risk and provide the potential for above-average returns.

When you invest in mutual funds with Coast Capital Savings, you also get to work with an experienced and friendly investments expert. They will review and understand your unique financial needs and goals, and help determine how much risk you are able to take. Based on this, they will then guide you to build and maintain a financial plan.

In order to provide you with these benefits, there are some costs associated with investing in mutual funds. Here's a breakdown of these costs:

Understanding the costs of investing

What's important to know is the returns you earn as an investor are reported after the fund's MER is deducted.

To learn more about the costs of investing and the value you get in return, just contact our helpful Investment Team.
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