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Fraudulent Email and Text

Phishing scams are circulating using the name and logo of Coast Capital Savings in an email and/or text with a link to a false Coast Capital Savings website.

These emails and texts are fraudulent and not from Coast Capital Savings. It is important to note that Coast Capital Savings would never email or text our members asking for their confidential banking or personal information. If you receive such an email or text, do not respond in any way or use the link to visit the fraudulent site.

How the scam works

The messages generally have a Coast Capital Savings logo, or one of our partners such as Visa Desjardins, at the top and may come from an address such as "". The emails and texts ask the recipient to click on a link to verify security information. The link then connects to a website that looks very much like the actual Coast Capital Savings website.

This email and text entices the recipient to log in as they normally would by entering their account number and Personal Access Code. The recipient may then be asked to enter their Social Insurance Number/ Social Security Number, date of birth and their email address. The information is then used to commit fraud.

If you receive such an email or text, do not click on the link or respond to the email in any way as it may compromise your computer or smartphone.

What the email and text may look like

You can also forward the spam text message to your mobile service provider by texting 7726 (SPAM). This is a free service and does not count towards your data or text messaging package.

Need more help?

If you have entered your banking or personal information on a website connected to the fraudulent email or text, please visit a Coast Capital Savings branch right away.

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