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Protections in Place

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Even with our chip card technology, debit card fraud happens. Because of this, we regularly monitor for inconsistent activity. Inconsistent activity is considered “out-of-character” transactions on your account and can be made by way of debit card, ATM, online, in-branch, mobile or cheque transactions.

If we notice inconsistent activity on your account, we’ll disable your card for the safety and protection of your account and try to contact you by email or phone (depending on your preferred method of contact).

Think we may have disabled your card but haven’t heard from us? Here’s what you need to know:

  • When you opened your account with us, we asked you what your preferred method of contact was and we made note of it (phone or email). This is how we'll try to contact you.
  • When we reach you, we'll ask you to confirm recent debit card or ATM transactions (to ensure they were in fact made by you). We won't ask you for confidential information, like your account number or Social Insurance Number.
  • If you prefer that we call you, we'll try to get ahold of you between 8am and 8pm, 7 days a week. If we've left you a voicemail about this, you'll need to contact us.
  • If you prefer that we email you, simply respond to the email we send letting us know whether you made the transaction or not. Again, we won't ask for confidential account information.

We appreciate your patience and understanding when we have to disable cards for inconsistent activity.

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