Digital Membership Opening Terms & Conditions

This agreement is between you and Coast Capital Savings Federal Credit Union (“CCS”). This agreement, as well as the Personal Account Services Agreement, governs your use of the online membership application tool. By proceeding with the online membership application process, you agree to the following:

Your obligation to provide accurate and current information

CCS is required by law to verify your identity when you become a member. You agree to provide accurate and current information and that you will not misrepresent your identity.  CCS’s ability to verify your identity depends on the information you provide and a failure to provide current and accurate information may result in CCS being unable to accept your application.

Use of your personal information

When you apply online to become a member, CCS uses a third party service provider to assist with collecting your information and verifying your identity (the “Identity Verifier”). The information that you provide in the course of filling out your application will be collected and processed by the Identity Verifier. The Identity Verifier may, in turn, request information about you from credit reporting agencies, other financial institutions and other third parties.  

The information you provide during the online membership application process may be stored and processed in the United States.  Accordingly, the information you provide during the online membership application process may be subject to valid information requests made by the government agencies in the United States.

If you are not comfortable with your personal information being shared with our Identity Verifier or being stored in the US, please make an appointment to open an account in person at a Coast Capital Savings Branch.

You are required to provide your Social Insurance Number (“SIN”) as part of the application process to enable CCS and the Identity Verifier to verify your identity. CCS also requires your SIN to report interest payments to the government. CCS’s use of your SIN for other purposes, and your ability to opt out of that use, is set out in CCS’s Privacy Policy.

Set up of Pre-authorized Payments

During the online membership application process, you may choose to set up pre-authorized payments for recurring bills you receive from merchants, such as monthly phone, cable television or utility bills. If you choose to use this functionality, those bills will be automatically paid out of your account with us each month when they arrive. CCS uses a third party service provider to provide this functionality. By choosing to use this functionality, you authorize CCS and its third party service provider to contact the merchants involved and to update your billing information with them on your behalf.

Use of Cheque Imaging Functionality

As part of the online membership application process, you will be required to make an initial deposit in to your new account. You may do so in a number of ways, including by taking a photograph of a cheque drawn on your account with another financial institution. If you choose to make your deposit in this way, the terms contained in the Deposit-On-The-Go Agreement will apply.

Signature and signature card

Information generated throughout the course of the application process, including your account number and Personal Access Code, will be recorded by CCS and will constitute your signature and signature card for the purposes of opening a membership.

Use of email address

CCS will use email to correspond with you and with any joint applicants throughout the application process. You are responsible for ensuring you check your email regularly to ensure you receive notices from CCS in a timely manner, and for ensuring that any other applicants you will hold accounts with jointly do the same. Unless otherwise agreed upon between you and CCS, CCS may also use your email address to provide you with notices required by law, such as account statements.


CCS and the Identity Verifier are not responsible for any losses you may sustain arising from a failure of CCS to approve a membership within a given period of time or at all.


The application process will be conducted entirely online. The terms that you agree to in the course of the application process, including the terms contained in this agreement, the Personal Account and Services Agreement, and the Privacy Policy, will be legally binding on you and on CCS, just as they would be if you were to fill out and sign a paper application. These terms will be legally binding as of the time that you indicate that you agree to them and no exchange of signed paper copies is required for them to be enforceable.

This agreement is governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia and the federal laws of Canada applicable in British Columbia, irrespective of where you live or where you when you are located when you apply for membership.