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Digital External Account Linkage Terms and Conditions

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By using this service, you agree to the following:

  1. You understand that the information you enter here will be disclosed to a third party service provider, Flinks Technology, Inc (“Flinks”). Flinks will use this information to obtain details of your account with other financial institutions selected by you, and will disclose that information to Coast Capital, who will use it to initiate transfers to your Coast Capital account according to your instructions.
  2. You understand that Flinks has no responsibility for Coast Capital’s online banking services, Coats Capital’s other financial services or how Coast Capital makes use of your personal information that it receives from Flinks. You waive all claims against Flinks relating to these topics and agree to bring any such claims exclusively against Coast Capital.
  3. You understand that the information Flinks retrieves from a financial institution does not constitute an official record of your account with that financial institution. To confirm your account balance or any other details of your account, please contact the financial institution directly.
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