Small Business Banking FAQs

Common Solutions

On Desktop

You’ll be prompted with a pop-up message during your regular login process which will guide you through setting up a new username and password.

On Mobile

When logging into the mobile banking app the pop-up message will instruct you to download the new Coast Capital Digital Banking App. The new app will have a white background with a blue logo.

Afterwards, you’ll be guided through setting up a new username and password.

Need more guidance? Check out our tutorial.

Scroll to the right of the page and you should see different actions available to you, such as Add Account, Remit, History, etc.  We’re in the middle of figuring out why on certain browsers that scroll is required. Thank you for your patience while we make it more optimized for your viewing.

This is an intermittent event that some members are experiencing and we’re working on a fix. In the meantime, you can access e-Transfers through our mobile app. If you prefer using digital banking on desktop, try accessing it through an incognito browser. If you are still having issues, try again later

Please round up to the nearest round number. CRA does not accept decimal values.

When making a payment for your Business taxes, you will need to specify the payment type and it needs to match the type of remittance voucher that you were provided by CRA.

They are as follows:

RC158 - Payment on filing

Use when sending a payment along with a return. Form RC158 will show the tax year-end.

RC519 - Amount owing

For the amount owing on an existing debt or to make an advance deposit for an anticipated reassessment.

RC160 - Interim Payments

For interim payments for a tax year-end that CRA has not yet processed a return.

General Solutions

You’ll be able to manage employee access, review and approve pending transactions and consolidate all your memberships under one login.

Our functionality with some 3rd party aggregators has been temporarily impacted due to recent security enhancements. We are aware of these issues and are working with our partners to ensure that functionality is returned to normal

If you used the Consolidate Memberships feature in our old online banking, when you migrate over to the enhanced digital banking experience, you’ll need to set this up again.

It’s easy to do:

  1. Ensure you’ve migrated all memberships over to the new digital banking experience.
Have the new usernames and passwords you set up for your memberships handy, and use the Consolidate Memberships feature in the new digital banking experience. Check out this tutorial for step by step instructions.
When we issue you a debit card with a new debit card number, CRA payments and e-Transfers will be available the day after you log in to digital banking for the first time. Give it another try tomorrow.
Yes, both personal and business members will have access to this new feature.

Delegates & Signers

This feature will only be available on desktop at initial release. However, the capability will be included as a future enhancement in the Coast Capital app.

Need more guidance? Check out our tutorial.

You, or another business signer, will create a username for the delegate when adding them to the membership. After this, a temporary password will be auto-generated for the delegate to access the new online banking experience. Once they log in for the first time, they’ll be prompted to create their own password.

The signer, or signers, on the business account, haven’t completed the setup process for the new digital banking experience. Once they finish getting set up, they can add you back as a delegate.

Yes, you can grant one of two permissions for each delegate on each business: read-only or initiator.

Need more guidance? Check out our tutorial.

No, delegates cannot authorize transactions on a two to sign business membership. They can initiate transactions, but not authorize or complete them.

When we issue you a debit card with a new debit card number, CRA payments and e-Transfers will be available the day after you log in to digital banking for the first time. Give it another try tomorrow.
Yes. You can limit their access to a specific business membership if you have multiple. They’ll even be able to manage their own password so they can change and update it themselves.

Digital Banking Tutorials for Business

We’ve put together a series of hands-on tutorials to give you a tour of Coast Capital’s digital banking and show you how to use features that are important to your business.

These are simulations, so nothing you do within them will affect your own online banking.

To get started, select the device you plan to bank with. To navigate in the tutorials, follow the steps provided or simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Other Helpful Tips

Business owners with existing delegates
  • When the business owner completes their first login and sets up their username and password, any delegates that the signer has associated will be displayed on the receipt screen.
  • The delegates will then receive a text message and/or email with a temporary password. This will be sent to the delegate’s contact information that exists on the current Small Business platform.
  • If for some reason the delegate migration process could not be completed or they didn’t receive their temporary password, the business owner can go into the Manage Delegates screen and add the delegate again with the correct contact information.
Delegate migration steps
  • The delegate will enter their username and the temporary password into the login page, and will be prompted to reset their password (using our existing Password reset feature).
  • The delegate can then log in again using their new password.
  • If the delegate did not receive the temporary password, they can contact their business owner to ensure the delegate access has been created with the correct contact information.
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