Membership Details

Who can open an account?

We’re happy you’re interested in opening an account at Coast Capital Savings. Anyone living in British Columbia can apply for a membership.

Whatever you need, we have. Membership gives you access to Coast Capital Savings’ products and services, like our unique Free Chequing, Free Debit and More AccountTM.

There's more. As a member of Coast Capital Savings, you’ll: Member share requirements

Once your membership is approved, you’ll be asked to purchase $5 in Membership Equity Shares. Don’t worry, it’s not a fee. It’s a one-time investment giving you a say in how we do business via the Board of Directors. We’ll also return it to you in full if you leave the credit union. But we really hope you won’t.

Additional voting information
  • One vote per member over age 19
  • Limited companies can designate one person to vote on the company's behalf

Do not confuse your Member Equity Shares with Membership Fees. Your one-time investment is returned to you in full upon leaving the credit union. However, they are not deposits and not guaranteed by CUDIC.

For information on changes to deposit insurance and the transition period if we become a federal credit union, see the notice pursuant to the Disclosure on Continuance Regulations (Federal Credit Unions).