This is the referral
where everyone wins.


Earn up to $4001 by referring new personal or business banking members. Offer ends June 30, 2023.

A bonus for you and your friends.

We appreciate that you’ve put your trust in us by referring your friends or family. It’s a win-win: you enjoy a cash bonus of up to $400, when you refer 4 friends or family members to Coast Capital – that’s $100 per referral1.

Simply send your friends and family your unique promo code. After your friend joins, as a personal or business banking member, using your unique code and follows all the requirements, your account will be credited.

Get your promo code.

Simply type in the email address you use with Coast Capital and we’ll send you a new code.

Get your referral bonus in three easy steps.
Tell your friends to apply to become a personal or business member by using the promo code we emailed you.
Let them know that they can earn up to $400 too. If they're becoming a personal member2, see details here. If they're becoming a business member3, see details here. Remind them to use your unique code when applying so you get the credit.
Once your friend or family member meets the requirements, you get paid and they get paid.
We've answered your most popular FAQs.

If your friends and family opened a business banking account, you can expect payout by October 31, 2023 if all the eligibility criteria was met. If your friends and family opened a personal account, you can expect payout 2 months following the completion of the eligibility criteria, please refer to the chart below: 
If your friends or family create an account and start criteria within the first 60 days during: 60 days following the criteria completion, you'll receive your bonus
March 2023 August - October 2023
April 2023 September - November 2023
May 2023 October - December 2023
June 2023 November 2023 - January 2024

Your payout will depend on when your friend or family member starts their offer criteria.

You can refer your friends or family as long as they are residents of BC and have never had an account with Coast Capital. This offer applies to both new personal and business banking members.

You will only receive the bonus if your friend used the code you provided to open their account.
You can refer an unlimited number of friends and family, but you will only receive a bonus for the first 4 referees who qualify.
  1. Share your unique code with your friends/family
  2. Ask your friends/family to use the code you provided to open their account
  3. Ask your friends/family to complete all the new member requirements for personal or business banking
  4. See “When will I get my bonus” for more information about when you can expect to be paid

How will I know if the people that I referred opened an account and met the qualifications?

We are keeping track of everyone signing up on our end. If your friend/family has met all the requirements, you will receive $100 in your account. You will not be able to check the status of any of your friends/family accounts.

Is there a time limit to refer?

This is a limited-time offer, your friends/family must join Coast Capital by June 30, 2023. Offer could end earlier.

I lost my code, how do I get a new one?

Use the form located on the page above, enter the email you use to do your banking at Coast Capital, and we will email the code to you.

1. Read full referral offer terms and conditions here.
2. Read full new personal member offer terms and conditions here.
3. Read full new small business offer terms and conditions here.