Online Term Deposit

Getting a Term Deposit in Online Banking

Term deposits and many other products are available in the Coast Mobile App or Online Banking. To get a term deposit, follow the instructions below. Click here for our current Term Deposit offerings.

Please note: The screen images below will look different if you are using the Mobile App or older versions of online banking however the steps to get a term deposit are the same. If you want a TFSA or RRSP term deposit, you will need to select the term deposit under TFSA or RRSP accounts instead of term deposits.

If you need a hand through the process, we’re here to help. Just fill in this form and we’ll get back to you.

Sign in to Online Banking. Once you login, you'll see this screen

From the menu, select “Product & Services”, and then “Open an Account” 

You'll then see product options. Select “Term Deposits” and then select “See accounts

Select a Term Deposit and press “Open Account

After selecting a Term Deposit, you’ll be asked for more details:

  1. Choose the account that you want to “Transfer from” (this will be step #2 on the mobile app)
    Please note: The money must come out of the same account type as the Term Deposit account. If you are setting up a TFSA Term Deposit, the withdrawn account has to be from a TFSA.
  2. The “Account name” will default to the product you select or you have the option to customize the name.
  3. In “Term deposit options”, select the preferred term deposit. Be sure to check the term length. i.e. 15 Month
  4. In “Initial deposit” enter the amount you want to transfer, between $500.00 and $999,000.00
  5. Choose whether you want a Payout at Maturity
  6. Select what “Membership” the initial deposit will come from.
  7. Answer a few additional required questions.

Confirm the details associated with your new account and submit.

After you are done, you'll receive a confirmation message that your term deposit was successfully setup. The term deposit can now be viewed in “My Accounts”.