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Debit Card

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With your debit card banking is easy. So easy, you don’t need to have human contact with our people whatsoever. But should you decide to be sociable again, we’re always happy to help you.

Use your debit card to access these services:


We have lots of ATMs at our branch locations and many with 24-hour access.

With your Coast Capital Savings debit card you can access your money at any Coast Capital Savings ATM or any other ATM displaying THE EXCHANGE®, Interac® , Cirrus®, ACCULINK®, and Accel® logos in Canada, the US, and around the world. Find out about our international ATM fees.

INTERAC® Direct Payment

The next time you reach for your wallet to pay for a purchase, pull out your Coast Capital Savings debit card and use Interac® Direct Payment.

Interac Direct Payment security

Interac Direct Payment is secured by a confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Interac Direct Payment does not give the retailer any information about you other than that which is necessary to complete the transaction.

Interac Direct Payment daily limit

The total daily limit for Interac Direct Payments/point-of-sale transactions is $3,000 on all Coast Capital Savings chequing and savings accounts.

This limit has been put in place because of fraud in the financial services industry. For the most part, large debit transactions are infrequent and a reduced limit provides added protection to our members from debit card fraud.

If you have any other questions or concerns about our point of sale daily limit, please call us us at 1.888.517.7000 or visit your nearest branch for more information.

® Trade-Mark of Interac Inc. Used under licence.


Introducing Interac Flash, a quick and safe way to make small purchases with your Coast Capital debit card.

Using it is a breeze - just tap your Interac Flash Coast Capital debit card at any Interac Flash-enabled payment terminal, and go. No need to insert your card into a POS terminal and enter your PIN each time.*

Key features

  • Interac Flash allows you to pay-by-tap for everyday purchases under $250. If you’re feeling particularly spend-y, no worries – you’ll just be prompted to insert your chip card and enter your PIN once you accumulate $400 in purchases. This will reset the tap limit back to zero.
  • Interac Flash uses EMV secure chip processing to store and process data – this means you’re protected against not-so-great things like fraud and card skimming.
  • The tap feature can be disabled at anytime by calling 1.888.517.7000 or visiting any branch.

Are you a business member?

  • If so, you may have multiple signers on your business account. If you’re not sure which debit card is assigned to each signer, just contact us at 1.888.517.7000 or visit a branch. We can help identify which 16-digit card number is assigned to each individual.

*® Trade-Mark of INTERAC Inc. used under licence. Transactions made using your Interac Flash® debit card will continue to be governed by your Personal Account Services Agreement or Business Account Services Agreement, as applicable. For those transactions, you will have the same rights and responsibilities as if you had used your debit card with your PIN.

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