Setting up a pre-authorized credit and debit

Looking for the thrill of having your very first paycheque deposited automatically into your account? Or wanting to forget about manually paying bills month after month? The most convenient way to achieve this is through automatic payments known as pre-authorized credit and debits.

What are pre-authorized credits and debits?

Pre-authorized credits are funds that are automatically deposited into a Coast Chequing ® or Coast Savings ® accounts at regular intervals. Pre-authorized debits are payments that are set up to debit a Coast Chequing or Coast Savings account and credit an external company.

Please note: Pre-authorized payments cannot be setup to automatically debit or credit a registered plans account or mortgage.

How do I set up a pre-authorized payment or a direct deposit?

  1. You will need your Transit (branch) number, Institution (bank) number and full 12 digit account number. You can find these either on the bottom of a personal cheque or in your online banking account. We’ve included some tips on how to locate the information below. 

    Please note: if your account number is 11 digits, add a 0 in front of it to make it 12 digits.

  2. Next step is to download the pre-authorized form.

    Download Form

  3. Fill out the pre-authorized form and forward it to the company that will be crediting or debiting you.
Need help finding your banking account info?

Find your information on a Cheque:

Find your information in Online Banking

Your Transit (branch) number, Institution (bank) number and full account number can be found within online banking.

  • Log into your account
  • From the ‘My Accounts page’ click on the account you wish credited/debited
  • From the ‘Account Statement’ Page, click on ‘Show Account Details'

The transit/branch number is 5 digits long, the institution number for Coast Capital Savings is 809 and your account number is 11 or 12 digits long.


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