Solutions for Digital Banking set up

This page is to help members who have followed the step-by-step process to getting started with their new digital banking and require some additional solutions for a successful experience.  If you experience a problem not addressed below, please visit a branch or contact us at 1.888.517.7000.

What you’ll need for success

When it's time to upgrade to the new digital banking experience, you'll receive a notification when you log in to online banking on desktop, or you’ll get a prompt to download our new app.  Be sure to have the following on hand to get started:

  • Your current Personal Access Number (PAN) – the last eight digits of your Member/debit card
  • Your current Personal Access Code – the seven digit access code you use for online and telephone banking.
  • Your email and mobile phone number you have on file with Coast Capital Savings. If your information is NOT up-to-date, please use the information we would have on file for you. Once you have been successfully set up you can update your information in digital banking.  Please note: If your home address or phone number is not in Canada, you cannot set up digital banking at this time.  Please contact us at 1.888.517.7000 for help.

Important things to note in the set-up process

  • Be sure to check your junk email folder if you do not receive your one-time security code in the set-up process, or mark it as “not junk mail” to ensure it doesn’t go there again. Please note: As there may be a delay in the delivery of the one-time security code, please wait a few minutes to receive this key item in your email. Do NOT click the ‘Retrieve Password’ button multiple times.

What you’ll need to do for continued success

  • Take measures to remember your new User Name and new Password. Do NOT write them down. Instead take time to create a mental association in your mind to recall them when needed.
  • Once you’ve setup your username and password, you can no longer use your Personal Access Number and Code to log in to digital banking (Please note: this information is still important for contacting our Contact Centre). If you try to use these numbers for digital banking after three attempts you will be locked out for 24 hours.
  • Once you have migrated, do NOT use the Coast Capital App with the blue background and delete it from your mobile phone. Only use the Coast Capital App with the white background.

Trying to connect to a third-party financial aggregator tools (e.g. MINT)

Our functionality with Mint was impacted due to recent security enhancements. We are looking into whether this is something we are able to offer.

Have more questions? We have more answers. Check out our digital banking FAQ.

Need more help? Give us a shout.
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