Our Mortgages

Fixed Rate Closed Mortgages

Penalty calculations:

Three months interest or the difference in interest rates to the balance of the loan term, whichever is greater.

Variable Rate Closed Mortgages

Penalty calculations:

Subject to a 90 day penalty (using nominal rate), not IRD (interest rate differential).

Calculating the Rate Differential:

IRD is based on the posted rate minus your discount.


  • A home equity line of credit lets you borrow against the equity built in a home
  • Customers can draw against the HELOC up to the limit rather than receive the entire loan amount as a lump sum
  • The loan is open, funds can be repaid without penalty and re-borrowed up to the authorized limit
  • Required payments are interest only
  • Maximum portion not to exceed 65% loan to value, all sliding scales must be applied
  • For a secured HELOC, the payment is calculated based on the outstanding balance amortized over 25 years. Use the greater of the contract rates +2% OR the 5 year Bank of Canada Benchmark Rate

Multi-Purpose Mortgage

A Multi-Purpose Mortgage can do much more than just pay for a home:

  • You can split a mortgage into sections, each with its own term length and interest rate. HELOC's also available as a section
  • You can even borrow up to 80% of a home’s equity. HELOC portion max 65% of the 80% LTV
  • Flexible pre-payment options: Up to 20% anytime of the year and up to double payments on regular payment dates
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