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Valentine’s Poll shows money discussions remain taboo in many relationships

Vancouver, BC – As Valentine’s Day approaches, a poll hosted on the Angus Reid Forum for Coast Capital Savings reveals the vast majority of couples agree on most financial matters. However, almost half say they stress about talking to their partner about money-related issues, and one in four say finances are often the cause of disagreements.

The online survey hosted on the Angus Reid Forum was conducted between January 20 and January 23, 2020 among 807 Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island residents who are currently in a relationship (married, common law, or dating).

The results of the survey are largely positive, with nine in ten respondents suggesting they and their partner are usually in agreement on decisions regarding spending, savings, and budgeting.  Seventy-one percent also say they routinely discuss finances related to where they want to be in five or ten years.

In contrast, the findings also reveal that conversations about matters of the wallet can be difficult for many couples. Almost half (43%) say they experience stress in speaking to their partner about their partner’s finances, and one in four (25%) say finances are often/sometimes the focus of disagreements.

Specific financial issues that create tension between partners include differing opinions on spending, impulse spending, debt, overspending, and lack of planning/budgeting. And while 90 per cent say they trust their partner with money, one-quarter (24%) admit to having hidden purchases from their significant other.

“Money doesn’t need to be a taboo topic of discussion,” said Rachel Coyle, Vice President of Retail Operations for Coast Capital Savings. “Every relationship comes with challenges, but finances don’t need to be one of them if there is honest communication and thoughtful decision-making that reflects both partners. And where it may be helpful, they can reach out to a trusted financial advisory at Coast Capital or other financial institution who can help establish and fulfill budget and savings goals.”

The survey results reveal that finances were a topic of discussion for 68 per cent of respondents, prior to getting married. Furthermore, 85 per cent of respondents say the financial situation is important when pursuing a new relationship, and more than half (53%) say financial security was an important consideration when entering their current relationship.

In addition to questions about broader financial issues, respondents were also asked how they plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their special loved-one. Fifty-eight per cent say they will go out for a meal or cook a special meal at home. To a lesser extent, couples also suggested they may go to a movie, exchange gifts or do an activity together.

The margin of error for the Valentine’s Day poll was +/- 3.45 percentage points.

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