Alerts & Text Banking


Let us watch your account balance and activity for you with Coast Mobile Banking alerts via text or email. You choose which alerts you’d like to receive, such as when your account balance is low, when your Personal Access Code has been changed, or when you need to feed your cat. Ok, you’ll have to remember that last one on your own.

  • Find out when your balance is low
  • Find out when withdrawals and deposits are made
  • Set up login and bill payee alerts to protect against potential fraud on your account
  • If you're a business owner using Coast Online Banking for Small Business, you can also get an alert for pending transactions awaiting your approval.

How to sign up for alerts

  • Sign in to Online Banking
  • Click on Alerts & Text Banking, then click Register for alerts
  • Add the mobile phone or email address where you would like to receive your alerts (if you’ve already added a phone for text banking you can use the same phone)
  • Select the alerts you would like to receive


Text banking gives you access to your account information anytime, anywhere using text messaging commands on your mobile phone.

  • Check your account balances
  • View recent transactions on your accounts
  • Use simple text messaging commands to access your accounts

How to sign up for text banking

If you have a mobile phone from a Canadian carrier that supports text messaging, and a Coast Online Banking account, signing up is easy:

  • Sign in to Online Banking
  • Click on Alerts & Text Banking, then click Register for Text Banking
  • Add your mobile phone information
  • Confirm your Passcode and select your accounts for mobile access

Text message commands

Text the following keyword commands to COAST (26278) to receive account information on your mobile phone:

  • BAL - Provides the balance from your primary account
  • BAL ALL - Provides balances for all accounts you have set for text banking access
  • ACT - Provides account activity for your primary account
  • INFO - Provides contact information for Coast Capital Savings
  • HELP - Provides a list of the keyword commands and account nicknames
  • STOP - Permanently deletes your phone from text banking access
  • DISABLE - Temporarily disables your phone from text banking access

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