Purchase your term deposit online in 3 easy steps.

Flexibility is fundamental to a successful business.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a secured high-interest rate term deposit and the freedom to redeem it after 6 months without penalty on interest payable.


Get a high return on a shorter-term commitment.


Make the most from your savings by securing our highest return rate.

Not a Coast Capital Business member?

Are you a personal member?

Secured Savings

Avoid dipping into your business’ savings by securing your money.
Guarantee Return

Regardless of your business’s performance, you can rely on a guaranteed investment.
Competitive Rates

Enjoy the security of high-interest rates even if they drop again.

All three products are available as RRSP, RIF, TFSA, RESP. Only need $500 to get started.

Step 1

If you’re not a Coast Capital member, apply online (personal; business).

Then, log into online banking.

Step 2

In Online Banking:

In the left hand menu, select ‘Products & Services’ and then ‘Open Account’. 

Step 3

Select ‘Term Deposits’ then select the term you’d like.

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