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Build a stronger business by investing.

Secure a worry-free investment and a great rate.
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You're focused on growing your business. Your investments should be, too.

We offer low-risk saving options to help you grow savings with competitive rates, without locking in your funds.

High-Interest Business Savings Account

Your money doesn't have to be locked away to make a return. Deposit or withdraw funds at any time, while your money earns daily interest. See tiered interest rates here.

Earn a tiered rate up 3.05%1.

1.50%1$0 to $24,999.99

1.75%1$25,000 to $99,999.99

2.00%1$100,000 to $499,999.99

2.60%1$500,000 - $999,999.99



16 Month Flex GIC

Enjoy the flexibility to redeem your investment anytime, with interest, payable after the first 30 days. Plus, get an interest rate that increases after just 8 months. With a guaranteed return, the longer you stay the more it pays.


1-8 Months


9-16 Months

Call us at 1.888.517.7000 today.

1 Year Better Than Cash® GIC

Flexibility is fundamental to a successful business.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a secured high-interest rate GIC and the freedom to redeem it after 6 months without penalty on interest payable.


Not a Coast Capital Business member?

Are you a personal member?

Features and Benefits

Secured Savings

Avoid dipping into your business’ savings by securing your money.
Guarantee Return

Regardless of the circumstances, you’ll know exactly what your return will be.
Competitive Rates

Enjoy the security of high-interest rates with our GICs, even if they drop again.

With the 1 Year Better Than Cash GIC, redeem your investment after only 6 months, without penalty or interest payable.

Step-by-Step Guide

Get your GIC online in 3 easy steps.
Step 1

If you’re not a Coast Capital member, apply online (Personal Banking; Business Banking).

Then, sign into digital banking.

Need a hand? We can help.

Step 2

In Digital Banking:

In the left hand menu, select ‘Products & Services’ and then ‘Open Account’. 

Step 3

Select ‘Non-Registered GICs’ then select the product you’d like.

If the GIC is for your personal banking and you're interested in registered accounts, book an appointment below.

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Let’s find the right GIC, together.

Our Small Business Banking Team will work with you to find the GIC that’s right for you and your goals.

Call us at 1.888.517.7000 Mon-Fri, 8am-5:30pm PT or book an appointment online.

CDIC Deposit ProtectionCDIC Deposit Protection

Coast Capital Savings Federal Credit Union is a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). More CDIC information

1. Interest rate is subject to change without notice. Interest is calculated, per annum, at this rate on the portion of the closing daily balance within the tier. Interest is paid monthly. Learn more about how our interest rates are calculated on deposit and term deposit products.
2. Offers subject to change or termination at any time, without notice. Interest rates are calculated per annum and accrued daily. Minimum investment of $500 ($250 for junior accounts). Choose interest to be paid every 8 months (compounding) or every 8 months (non-compounding). Partial or full redemptions allowed, subject to the minimum redemption amount of $500 ($250 for junior accounts) while maintaining minimum investment amount of $500 ($250 for junior accounts). The effective simple interest rate if held to maturity is 4.00% when averaging 1.00% for the first 8 months and 7.00% for the second 8 months of the term. No interest is payable if redeemed before 30 days. Rate holds are not eligible for the promotional offers.
3. Offered rates subject to change at any time, without notice. Interest rates are calculated per annum, accrued daily, and paid at maturity. No interest will be paid if the GIC is redeemed within the first 6 months.