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Money Manager Support

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Everything you need to know about Money Manager

See below for a library of Money Manager support content, including video tutorials and guides, so you can get the most out of this valuable tool.

Get started

It’s available to Coast Capital members right in Coast Online® Banking and the Coast Mobile® Banking app and is free to use. Don’t have Money Manager turned on yet?

How-to guides

No matter what your financial situation is, Money Manager can help you optimize your finances so you’re making smarter financial decisions.  Check out the guides below for tailored tips and video tutorials that will turn you into a Money Manager pro in no time.

Video tutorials & manuals

We’ve got you covered. Let us walk you through each Money Manager feature with a video or read on your own time with our detailed manuals.

Full Money Manager manuals can be referenced here:

Getting started

This tutorial will walk you through the three recommended steps to take when you start using Money Manager.


Learn how to link your accounts at other financial institutions to Money Manager to get a full picture of your finances.


Learn how to review and categorize transactions. It’s a foundational feature that will help inform your budget.


In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the spending wheel to analyze your spending and see where your money’s really going.

Learn how to auto-generate a budget based on your previous spending, and how to fine-tune it as you go.

Net Worth

This tutorial will walk you through the Net Worth feature and show you how to track your net worth over time.


This tutorial will show you how to create a debt repayment plan based on different strategies and help you visualize when you will be debt-free.


Learn how to use the Trends feature to analyze your financial situation and see where you might be able to change your behaviour to free up some cash.

Cash Flow

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how the Cash Flow feature can help you analyze past spending and predict future expenses.


This tutorial will walk you through how to create a goal in Money Manager, be it a savings goal, retirement or that vacation you can’t wait to take.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve partnered with MX Technologies, an industry-leading personal financial management provider based in the United States, to offer a cutting-edge solution and digital experience that will give you the benefit of accessing these tools directly within Coast Online Banking and the Coast Mobile Banking app.
Yes. Steps have been taken to assess and ensure that the highest level of security and privacy of your information has been met. Coast Capital Savings reviews the security safeguards of Third Parties to ensure they employ equivalent or better security to protect sensitive Member data. As your financial information is transferred to the Third-Party, MX Technologies, this transfer of information adheres to recognized best practices in authentication, authorization, and masking of sensitive data.
Many other personal financial management tools require you to use a separate app, and in some cases pay a monthly subscription fee. Money Manager is available right in the Coast Capital app you already use, can integrate with your accounts at other financial institutions and is free to use. It’s a win-win!
You can access Money Manager by logging in to digital banking through Coast Online Banking or the Coast Mobile Banking app and clicking on Money Tools, then Money Manager from the menu. If you don’t have Money Manager turned on yet, just click the Turn on Money Manager button.
You’ll get the best Money Manager experience using Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Members may experience issues accessing Money Manager using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).
This means your external financial institution has two-factor authenticated enabled. Check your email or texts for a verification code from your other financial institution.
If you have accounts you don’t want to show in Money Manager (like a joint account with a child, for example), you can hide the account. This will stop information or transactions from the account from factoring in to other tabs in Money Manager. The data related to it won’t be deleted, and can easily be unhidden in the future.
  1. Bring up the Account Details window of the account to hide
  2. Tap the ••• icon and select Hide Account from the dropdown menu. A warning message will appear asking them to confirm they'd like to hide the account
  3. Tap Hide to confirm
Hidden accounts will still be visible at the bottom of the accounts list in the Accounts tab. Their icons will be greyed out and marked as Hidden.
At Coast Capital, we attach these products to a chequing account, so Money Manager is mistaking them for assets. We are investigating a solution. In the meantime, please manually add these to your calculations.
If you’re sure your credentials are correct, also double check that you’re attempting to link the correct company as some may have multiple names in the list. If you’re still encountering issues, please contact us.
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