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How ID Assist protects your identity.

ID Assist sweeps the internet to retrieve your data securely by monitoring credit reports, social media, underground websites, public records, and more.

Comprehensive Monitoring

ID Assist helps detect suspicious activity early and alerts you promptly if your financial or personal information is compromised.

Identity Restoration Support

Get guided assistance from dedicated experts at ID Assist who help restore identity and resolve any issues arising from identity theft.

How to sign up for ID Assist.

You can get free access to ID Assist by opening a Coast Capital Unlimited or Elevate Chequing Account. Or, you can explore our paid ID Assist plans.

Free ID Assist with Unlimited Chequing Account

  • Value of $96/year
  • 24/7 dark web monitoring
  • ID restoration services and guided advice
  • Security alerts for suspicious activity
Free ID Assist with Elevate Chequing Account

  • Value of $156/year
  • 24/7 dark web monitoring
  • ID restoration services and guided advice
  • Security alerts for suspicious activity
  • Password manager to help you keep your login info safe, secure and accessible from any of your devices

Looking to get ID Assist without a chequing account?

Choose from paid plans with different levels of ID and credit monitoring, ID restoration support and more.

Plus, get a 30 day free trial when you sign up for ID Assist for the first time.

Have a chequing account already?
Activate your ID Assist protection today.

If you've opened a Coast Capital Unlimited or Elevate Chequing Account, please follow the steps below to start using ID Assist.

Step 1: Get your access code

Check your inbox for an email from Coast Capital with your unique ID Assist access code.

Step 2: Register for ID Assist.

Set up your account on the ID Assist website at using your one-time unique code. If you wish to have another account holder use the free access, give them the code to register with.

Step 3: Use ID Assist.

Take advantage of your ID Assist benefits by reviewing the 24/7 monitoring results and actioning alerts as needed.

Frequently asked questions.

We’re happy to help you with your ID Assist access code. Please contact us by phone at at 1.888.517.7000.

Our partners at Sigma Loyalty Group are happy to help you. Please call 1.877.902.5295 or send an email to

Still have questions?

Give the ID Assist team at Sigma Loyalty Group a call at 1-877-902-5295 from 9am-5pm EST.

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