So, what is governance anyway?

Your Coast Capital Savings Credit Union Board of Directors is elected by you, the membership. As your representatives, they are held accountable by law to act in the best interests of Coast Capital and oversee the processes required to ensure the safety of your money and our credit union.

In a rapidly changing and competitive financial environment with increased regulatory requirements, your Board must collectively have the skills and expertise to successfully govern a financial institution with over $16.8 billion in assets under administration. We look for leaders in our communities who share Coast Capital’s values, reflect the diversity of our membership, have strong business skills and relevant board experience.

Annual General Meeting Join us each year to learn more about where we’ve been and where we're going. Directors Election Special Message from Glenn Wong, Chair, Nominations Committee. Ordinary And Special Resolution Members can submit requests or suggestions to the Board of Directors. Director Recruitment and Nominations We're committed to building a strong pipeline of qualified Board candidates for your consideration. Credit Union Rules The Official Rules of the credit union, effective October 20, 2017. Executive Compensation Helping Coast Capital attract and retain a talented Executive team to lead your credit union. Board Committees The Board delegates specific tasks to five standing committees. Board Meetings Get the low-down on the frequency and types of Board meetings. Board Policies Coast Capital Savings Board Policies. Board Roles and Responsibilities Mandates (a.k.a. job descriptions) for the Board of Directors, Chair of the Board and directors. Board and Individual Director Assessments Our annual process to ensure your Board is operating effectively. Director Remuneration Learn more about how members have a say in Director Compensation. Corporate Social Responsibility We strive to be a leading corporate citizen and local community builder in the communities we serve. Our Leadership Team They’re all smiles but they mean business. Seeking Qualified Candidates We'd like your help to nominate qualified candidates to the Board of Directors.