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Changes to our Personal and Business Accounts and Services Agreements

We’re making some changes to our Personal and Business Accounts and Services Agreements (PASA/BASA) which govern your personal and business accounts and services at Coast Capital Savings. Changes will take effect once Coast Capital is federally regulated, which we expect later in 2018.

What has changed? Glad you asked. Here’s the scoop:

  • We’ve made the Agreements federally compliant as we work towards becoming a federally regulated credit union.
  • We’ve re-written the Agreements to make them more user-friendly, where possible.
  • We’ve modernized the concepts in the Agreements so we’re better prepared for all the great technology we’ve rolled out and will continue to roll out over the coming while.
  • We’ve consolidated the Agreements by bringing multiple mentions of the same concept together, where possible, and rolling six agreements into one (we’ve brought the necessary content from the Mobile Banking Agreements, Deposit On-the-go Agreement, Digital Wallet Agreement, Interac Flash® Terms and Conditions, Take Charge Money Manager™ Terms and Conditions, and eStatement Agreement into the PASA/BASA).
  • We’ve aligned the PASA and the BASA so they’re the same where that’s appropriate and possible.

Check out the agreements.

Read the PASA. Read the BASA.

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