Automatic Savings


Get closer to your goals, effortlessly.

Automatic savings help you build the habit of saving without even thinking about it. Once you set up your automatic savings by creating a pre-authorized credit (PAC), a specific amount of money gets invested into mutual funds or saved in a Coast Capital account automatically and regularly on a schedule that best fits your timelines.

Kick-start your savings plan and fast-track the growth of your investments by setting up automatic savings.

Get a $100 bonus today.

Grow your investments and get $1001 when you set up automatic savings into mutual fund investments with Coast Capital.

Meet with our team today or call us at 1.877.517.7844 to take advantage of this offer.

Why set up automatic savings?

Stay on track Stay on track

You won’t need to think about how much to put away today or tomorrow. Automatic savings help you stay on track to meet your goals.

Compound interest Compound interest

If you invest $100 and it grows to become $110, you’ll start earning interest on the $10 of interest you’ve earned.

Dollar-cost averaging Dollar-cost averaging

Lessen the impact of market highs and lows on your investments when you invest the same amount regularly.

Builds a saving habit Builds a saving habit

Once you set up your automatic savings, over time saving becomes a natural part of your budgeting process.

A little goes a long way with automated savings.

If you put away $100 every two weeks into a balanced investment at 5%, it can grow to over $14,000 in just 5 years*.

How does it work for my Worldsource Financial Management investments?

A predetermined amount of money will be debited, bi-weekly or monthly, from your non-registered account, then deposited to your Wealth Management account.

Meet with our team today or call us at 1.888.517.7745 to set up automatic savings.

Worldsource Financial Management

Mutual fund dealer service and segregated fund administration are managed by our trusted partner at Worldsource Financial Management. Worldsource is a leading independent dealer services provider and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Desjardins Group. Their expertise allows us to provide better products and services, online account access and reporting.

Worldsource View is a tool that allows members to view and monitor investments online, anytime, anywhere, plus the convenience of printing your statements.

Optimize your investment strategy.

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1. Read Automatic Savings terms and conditions here.

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