Travel Tips

Are you planning a trip? We want to keep things hassle-free for you while you travel. After all, your vacation should be about good food and relaxing on the beach, not worrying about money.

To notify Coast Capital of your travels please:

  1. Login to online banking
  2. Visit our contact us page
  3. Select Other under What we can help you with?
  4. Then select Travel Notification under Which product of service can we help you with? and input the following information in the message textbox:
    • dates of travel
    • travel destination
    • emergency contact information

Here are some additional tips and information to keep in mind when traveling:
  • Your Coast Capital Savings debit card can be used at a number of international ATMs. Here is a very useful website that will help in identifying compatible ATMs
  • You can withdraw up to $1,000 CAD from the ATM
  • There is a service charge for international ATM withdrawals of $5.00 per withdrawal. This is charged at the end of the month
  • There is also a 2% administration fee on international ATM withdrawals and point-of-sale transaction amounts. Additional fees may be charged by third parties as part of the transaction amount. Learn more.
  • International ATM machines will only recognize your primary Canadian chequing account
  • Check the expiry date on your debit card; your debit card will work until the last day of the month it expires in
  • It's recommended to bring other forms of payment as a backup
  • Coast Capital Insurance can also provide travel insurance that can conveniently be purchased online