Questions about service fees?

Were you charged a fee on your account or are surprised by something on your monthly statement? Here are some of the most common service charges on one handy page to help you identify what your fee might be for.

$1.50 INTERAC® e-Transfer fee

If you have a $1.50 charge on any of your accounts, it’s likely an INTERAC e-Transfer fee. Every time you send an INTERAC e-Transfer, this non-refundable service charge will be withdrawn from your account.

$3 paper statement fee

This fee is for paper statements sent by mail every month. As a free and convenient alternative (not to mention environmentally friendly), try eStatements.

$2.50 ATM fee

Whenever you withdraw money from an ATM that is not a part of THE EXCHANGE® Network, you will be charged  $2.50 on top of that particular ATM’s surcharge. You can avoid this surcharge by using one of the thousands of ATMs across Canada on THE EXCHANGE Network. Find one near you.

$5 each + 2% international ATM fee

Have you been travelling internationally recently? This service fee is charged when you’ve withdrawn money from an international ATM.

$5 High-interest Savings transaction fee  

Our High-interest Savings Account comes with unlimited deposits and two free transactions per month. These transactions include times when money leaves your account - like bill payments, INTERAC e-Tranfers, ATM withdrawals and others.  If you exceed your two free transactions, there is a $5 service fee per transaction. The good news is that transferring between accounts within the same membership is free. So, if you need to pay a bill, you can avoid this fee by simply transferring the owing amount into your chequing account and paying your bill from there.

$10 wire transfer fee

When you receive a wire transfer over $500 there is a $10 administrative fee.

$35 dormant account fee

If your chequing or savings account has had no activity in the past two years, your account becomes dormant and charged an annual fee. To avoid this fee, close any accounts you no longer use.  If you prefer to leave it open, be sure to complete some transactions so you will not be charged.

$48 non-sufficient fund fee

When a transaction is attempted and fails due to a lack of funds, a fee is applied, called a non-sufficient funds fee, or NSF. We can’t help you predict the future, but we can help you avoid this fee by setting up overdraft protection.

Tips to reduce fees

Consider Over-Draft Protection
If you tend to dip in the negative and get $48 non-sufficient fund charges, talk to us about overdraft protection (ODP). It's like calling in back-up for your chequing account. 

Download the Ding Free App
Avoid ATM withdrawal fees by downloading the ding free app. With your Coast Capital Savings debit card, you have access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs across Canada.

Set up an account works best for your lifestyle
Compare our chequing and savings account to ensure that your banking needs are best met with the right account. Need help finding the right account? Schedule a Money Chat.

Paperless statements
eStatements are a free and environmentally friendly alternative to paper statements. Your statements can be securely viewed in Coast Online® Banking and Coast Online Banking for Small Business.

Don’t see your fee here?
Here is a full list of our personal service fees.

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