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You asked, we listened. Our new chequing accounts will make day-to-day transactions easier and more affordable.

We're improving our chequing solutions to provide better value and flexibility to members with the introduction of our Unlimited Chequing and Elevate Chequing Accounts. Both new accounts provide free unlimited Interac e-Transfers, while continuing to include the features most popular with members like unlimited day-to-day banking transactions1. The new accounts also offer free access to ID Assist®, an identity theft and protection service with 24/7 dark web monitoring provided by Sigma Loyalty Group.

What to expect next.

As a current Coast Capital chequing member, you'll receive a notification letter in the mail detailing when your current account will automatically change to the new Coast Capital Unlimited Chequing Account. Until then, you'll continue to use your account as you always have and there's nothing you have to do to get started with Unlimited Chequing.

When you receive your notification letter, you can activate your included ID Assist® protection plan with the unique code mailed to you as part of the account changes package. We've included links below for the account changes packages that have been mailed out (without the personal activation code).

New Coast Capital Chequing Accounts

Your current chequing account will automatically change to the Unlimited Chequing Account, on the date indicated in your mailed account changes package. If you have questions or wish to change to another account, please contact us at 1.833.205.5945 and we're happy to help.

Account Features Free Chequing, Free Debit and More Account® Meet your essential banking needs, without a monthly fee or minimum balance required. Your New AccountCoast Capital Unlimited Chequing AccountGet unlimited day-to-day transactions1, including free e-Transfers for a waivable monthly fee. Coast Capital Elevate Chequing AccountUnlock premium banking benefits, plus free access to Coursera's global learning platform that could help you advance your career and potentially get paid more.
Monthly Fee $0 $8.50 or less $16.95 of less
Reduced monthly fee if you :
- Maintain a minimum $4,000 daily balance at all times during the calendar month or
- Are 59+ years of age or
- Are 25 years of age or younger
N/A Pay $0 Pay $8.50
Or get $5 off monthly fee
When you set-up and deposit payroll or another eligible direct deposit into the account.2
N/A Pay $3.50 Pay $11.95
Interac e-Transfers
Interac e-Transfers
Sending $1.50/transfer Free Free
Receiving Free Free Free
Unlimited day-to-day transactions1 checkmark checkmark checkmark
Free access to ID Assist® - Online identity theft protection
(For one account holder)
N/A checkmark checkmark
+Password manager
Free access to Coursera3 – Online learning platform
(For one account holder)
N/A N/A checkmark
Free paper or eStatements eStatement only4 checkmark checkmark
One free Canadian cheque book
Free for ages 59+ 25 singles 50 singles
Up to $50 one-time first year credit card rebate
On eligible credit cards5 issued by Collabria
N/A N/A checkmark
2 free Interac network Canadian ATM withdrawals per month6 N/A N/A checkmark
3 free International ATM withdrawals per year7 N/A N/A checkmark

We've answered your most popular FAQs

Yes, your current chequing account will automatically change to the Coast Capital Unlimited Chequing Account, based on the timing provided in your mailed account changes package. You do not need to take any action.

Yes, all of your account details will remain the same. This includes:

  • Your account number
  • Your 16-digit debit card number
  • Your existing debit card PIN (used when accessing ATMs and point-of-sale)
  • Your 7-digit personal access code
  • Your online banking username and password
  • Your existing bill payments, pre-authorized payments, payroll and direct deposit information

If you have opted-in for overdraft protection, this will carry over to your new account.

Yes, all joint account holders and their information will remain the same.

With the Unlimited Chequing Account, you get unlimited day-to-day transactions1 including sending and receiving Interac e-Transfers.

The Unlimited Chequing Account provides free unlimited Interac e-Transfers, plus free access for one account holder to ID Assist® - a robust identity theft protection service with 24/7 dark web monitoring provided by Sigma Loyalty Group (Value $96/year).

What are the options to waive or reduce the monthly fee?

Pay $0/month if you:

  • are 25 years of age or younger or
  • are 59 years of age or older or
  • maintain a minimum $4,000 daily balance at all times throughout the calendar month

Or pay $3.50/month when you set up and deposit monthly payroll or another eligible direct deposit into the account. Eligible transaction codes include the following; Payroll:  200-207; Pension:  230-233, 310-312, 315-316; Govt Payment: 313, 318, 600-607; Gig Payroll:  450


What types of payroll or direct deposits are eligible for the $5 monthly fee waiver?

Here are some more examples of eligible payroll and direct deposits:

Description Transaction Codes

Payroll: Payroll deposit, special payroll, vacation payroll, overtime payroll, advance payroll, commission payroll, bonus payroll, adjustment payroll, payroll from Skip the dishes, Door Dash, Uber

200-207, 450

Pension: Federal pension, provincial pension, private pension, Canada Pension Plan, Canada Pension Commission,​Old Age Security,​War Veteran's Allowance

 230-233, 310-312, 315-316

Government Payment: Employment Insurance,​Family Support,​Housing Allowance,​Income Security Benefits, ​Employment Assistance Allowance

313, 318, 600-607


What is ID Assist®?

ID Assist® is a robust monitoring service designed to protect you from the complexities of identity theft. Valued at $96/year, this service is free for one account holder as long as your Unlimited Chequing Account remains active and in good standing.


How do I activate ID Assist?

Visit the ID Assist website at and enter your unique access code enclosed in your mailed notification letter.


How do I get a secondary account holder access to ID Assist?

The free access is available for one account holder. The Primary account holder will receive the activation code but can choose to give the code to another account holder to use instead. Joint account holders interested in identity theft protection services can also enroll in one of the paid plans. For more details, visit

1. Transactions include cheques drawn on the account, Coast Capital® and THE EXCHANGE® Network ATM withdrawals, Interac Direct Payment, pre-authorized payments, bill payments, transfers (between Coast Capital accounts), and withdrawals (in-branch/self serve). Deposits and electronic transfers (between Coast Capital accounts) performed via Coast Capital ® ATM, Coast-by-Phone®, and Coast Capital digital banking are free & unlimited.

2. Eligible transaction codes include the following; Payroll: 200-207; Pension: 230-233, 310-312, 315-316; Govt Payment: 313, 318, 600-607; Gig Payroll: 450 

3. Coursera is an online learning platform offering multiple continuing education opportunities from leading universities and institutions. The products offered by Coursera can, but do not guarantee to, help users advance, relaunch, or improve their earning potential in their careers. As a bonus on their Coast Capital Elevate Chequing Account, a primary account holder will receive one (1) free Coursera for Business license for the account holder’s personal use. This license will be associated with the primary account holder’s email address on Coast Capital’s records. The license can only be used with the associated email address to open a Coursera account. The license will be valid for the period the primary account holder maintains a Coast Capital Elevate Chequing Account in good standing. The license has a monetary value of $538 CAD per year or monthly monetary value of $79 CAD as of January 1, 2024. Limit of one (1) license per primary account holder. No substitutions will be allowed. Coast Capital may allow, at its sole discretion, transfers of the license to another individual as decided by the primary account holder. The license may be subject to content, course, and program exclusions or limitations at the sole discretion of Coursera. The use of the license will be exclusively subject to Coursera’s terms, conditions, and policies. Details regarding Coursera’s products, terms, conditions, and policies can be found at

4. Low-Cost Account: Our Free Chequing, Free Debit & More Account meets our public commitment to ensure that members have access to basic banking services at a nominal cost. If printed statements are requested instead of eStatements, this account costs $3/month. If you are a student, youth, Guaranteed Income Supplement recipient, or Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) beneficiary, you may request printed statements at no charge. Call our Advice Centre or visit a branch to find out more information. 

5. As a holder of an eligible Coast Capital credit card issued by Collabria – only applies to World Mastercard®, Cash Back World Elite Mastercard ®, and Centra Gold Mastercard® – you may qualify for a onetime fee rebate of up to $50 upon (i) opening or holding an eligible Coast Capital credit card account as the primary cardholder and (ii) opening or holding a Coast Capital Elevate Chequing Account as the primary account holder. For clarity, if you are currently a primary account holder on a Coast Capital Elevate Chequing Account and then open an eligible Coast Capital credit card account, you will be eligible for the onetime fee rebate; if you are currently a primary cardholder on an eligible Coast Capital credit card account and then open a Coast Capital Elevate Chequing Account, you will be eligible for the onetime fee rebate. The fee rebate shall be applied directly to eligible Coast Capital Elevate Chequing Account in the year the eligible Coast Capital credit card account, or Coast Capital Elevate Chequing Account, or both are opened. Limit of one fee rebate per Coast Capital Elevate Chequing Account. The eligible credit card account and Coast Capital Elevate Chequing Account must be in good standing at the time the fee rebate is applied. Coast Capital may change, revoke, or end this offer at any time in its sole discretion and without further notice.

6. Coast Capital waives its fee for up to two (2) Interac® network ATM transactions per month for transactions initiated within Canada. Surcharges from other financial institution ATMs may apply.

7. Coast Capital waives its fee for up to three (3) international ATM transactions per year for transactions initiated outside Canada. Additional 2.00% international ATM administration fee still applies. The international ATM administration fee is a commission calculate based on the amount of the ATM request Coast Capital receives and is paid from your account to settle your international ATM transaction. The ATM request Coast Capital receives is in Canadian dollars. Any currency conversion to calculate the Canadian dollar transaction amount is done by a third party in the electronic network your ATM request comes through on. Coast Capital does not set the rates for or complete those currency conversions. Fees or commissions of third parties involved in processing your international ATM transaction may also be included in the transaction amount per month for transactions initiated within Canada.

ID Assist®, Sigma Loyalty Group Inc. and all associated marks and logos are trademarks owned or used under license. Sigma Loyalty Group Inc. is an independent third party service provider which solely owns and controls, among others, the ID Assist services. Coast Capital Savings Federal Credit Union makes no representations about, does not endorse, and is not responsible or liable for damages relating to the third party, its ID Assist services, its other products or services, its website, its privacy policies or practices, or any other content published by the third party. Your use of the third party’s services, including ID Assist services, is subject to the third party’s terms, conditions, and policies and you accept any risks and liabilities of using the third party services including, but not limited to, risks associated with data breach and loss of personal and private information.