Some of our products and service fees will change on September 1, 2015. You can find out more details here.

 1. Chequing account service fees
The Free Chequing, Free Debit And More Account®Monthly Fee: None
Unlimited transactions.
Coast Chequing® Classic Package Monthly Fee: $11
40 transactions included.
Additional transactions: $1.00
Coast Chequing® Prestige Package Monthly Fee: $21
Unlimited transactions.
Coast US Chequing Monthly Fee: None
1 transaction included.
Additional transactions: $1.00
2. Savings account service fees
The High-interest Savings AccountMonthly Fee: None
10 transactions included
Additional transactions: $1.00
International debit: $2.15
3. Cheque order service fees (includes shipping + taxes)
Personalized Single Cheques
Quantity - 50$34.55
Quantity - 100$35.46
Junior, Senior, Classic & Prestige accountsFree
Personalized Duplicate Cheques
Quantity - 50$36.23
Quantity - 100$38.88
Junior, Senior & Prestige accountsFree
US Cheques
Price varies with exchange rate
Cheque Image Retrieval**
Cheque cleared < 18 months requested in-branch$2 per cheque
Cheque cleared < 18 months requested onlineFree
Cheque cleared > 18 months $7.50/item

** With some of our accounts, you can add an option to pay $2.50 per month and receive images of all your cheques with your statement. If you don't write any cheques, no fee will be charged.

4. Cheque & payment processing service fees
Overdraft Protection usage fee$5/month* + interest charges
Overdrawing savings / chequing accounts without Overdraft Protection or a line of credit$5/item + interest charges
Exceeding limit on line of credit or Overdraft Protection$5/item + interest charges
Chargeback (deposited items returned unpaid)$7.50
NSF due to cheque or pre-authorized payment (PAP)
If returned due to insufficient funds$45.00/item
Unqualified clearing items
Cheque written in US funds on a Canadian chequing account$15
Cheque written on a savings account$10
Stop payment$18

* This fee will apply each month only if you make a transaction that either puts you into your overdraft or increases your overdraft balance. Subsequent increases in your overdraft balance for that particular monthly statement period will not incur additional usage fee charges.

5. Dormant accounts/closing accounts service fees
Dormant Accounts (no activity within 2 years)
Any balance $2/month
Closing An Account
90 days or overFree
Under 90 days $25
6. Hyperwallet service fees (through Coast Online Banking)
Add cash Account transaction fee applies
Charged By Hyperwallet
Beam (send) cash 25¢
Cash out to Coast Capital Savings account Free
Cash out to another credit union 50¢
Cash out to another financial institution 75¢
7. Mortgages & loan service fees
Appraisal fee Cost
Mortgage transfer-in (within policy guidelines) Free
Mortgage transfer-out $75
Discharge fee per mortgage (provide a registerable discharge) $75
Discharge fee per assignment of rent $30.50
Mortgage assumption fee $100
Mortgage renewal $100
Mortgage blend & extend fee $100
Security Registration (including renewals and collaterals) Cost
Loan/Mortgage payment suspension $25
Multi-Purpose Mortgage - subsequent advance $150

Other fees and costs may be applicable that would increase the total Cost of Credit and Annual Percentage Rate. Please contact us for full details.

8. Network ATM fees
Coast Chequing & Savings Packages (Surcharge excluded)
Interac® $2.50 each**
International  $5 each **
Coast US Chequing Network ATM not available on this account

* Transaction fees may apply on some packages.
** Get 8 free non-Coast Capital Savings ATM withdrawals in Canada and abroad with the Coast Chequing Prestige Package account.
® Trade-Mark of Interac Inc. Used under licence.

9. Other banking services & fees
Bill Payment Reversal (done via Coast-by-Phone®/Coast Online®)
Same day before 2pmFree
Same day after 2pm$15 each
Foreign Currency Orders$5 (excluding US and UK)
Phone Transfers Between Chequing & Savings Accounts
Via Coast-by-Phone Automated ServiceFree
Transferring Balance Of Account
Including office cheque fee$25
International Direct Payment
Coast Chequing Prestige/Free Chequing, Free Debit and More AccountFree
All other accounts$2.15 each
Information Search and Statement Replacement
Member information Requests/Searches:
  • Information retrievals
  • Statement replacement through archives
  • Account information letters
  • Bank confirmations – from accountant/auditor
$35/hour ($35 minimum)
Interim statement produced at branch$2/monthly statement
Coin Orders
Per roll15¢
Lost ATM card replacement$5
10. Registered plan service fees
Annual administration fee (debited July 1st)$25 + GST
Change of beneficiaryFree
Transfer-out fee$55
Close RESP in first 90 days$25
Account setup and ongoing administrationFree
Replace tax receipt$10
Closing or transfer-out fee$55
Account setup and ongoing administrationFree
Replace tax receipt$10
Closing or transfer-out fee
(Fixed terms only at maturity excluding those transferred to a Coast RRIF or annuity)
Self-Directed RRSPs/RRIFs
Annual Administration Fee
(Fee waived if approved products > $75,000 and held at Coast Capital Savings or if Coast Chequing Prestige account holder)
$45 + GST
Full Withdrawal/Transfer Out/ De-Registration*$125 + GST
Partial Withdrawal/Transfer Out/De-Registration**$35 + GST
Tax-free Savings Accounts (TFSAs)
Closing or transfer-out fee$55

* Effective June 1, 2014
** Effective June 1, 2014, excludes recurring automatic withdrawals.

11. Safety deposit box service fees (GST included)
Box Size*Fee**
1.5 x 5$48.75
2.5 x 5$65.63
5 x 5$92.81
2 x 10$92.81
5 x 10$169.69
10 x 10$285.94
12 x 15$330.00
Drilling boxesCost
Replacing safety deposit box key$20

* Sizes and availability vary by branch.
** Get $10 off if you are a senior or have a Coast Chequing Classic Package account, or get $15 off with a Coast Chequing Prestige Package account.

12. Draft service fees
Office Cheques/Certified Cheques
Junior, Senior, Classic & Prestige accountsFree
US Drafts
Junior, Senior, Classic & Prestige accountsFree
All other accounts$7.50 (Cdn)
Foreign Drafts
Prestige accountsFree
All other accounts$7.50 (Cdn)

13. Wire transfer fees *
Incoming wires (under $500)Free
Incoming wires ($500 and over)$10
Outgoing wires to other Canadian financial institution$20
Outgoing wires to international financial institution (under $10,000)$25
Outgoing wires to international financial institution ($10,000 and over)$40
Recalls or amendments
(waived if error by Coast Capital Savings or funds not received)

* All wire transfer fees are charged in Canadian dollars.

14. Business service fees
Business service fees 

Effective April 1, 2014 (unless noted otherwise). All information is subject to change without notice.

This page contains most common service fees. For a complete list contact your branch.