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International Women’s Day

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Keep her on the map

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, women lost 60 percent more jobs than men. They also took back the traditional role of caring for children and elderly family members with working mothers age 25-55 losing six times more work hours than fathers each week because of family responsibilities. With lock-down orders, stay-at-home measures and the brunt of child-rearing responsibilities, women who own their own business have especially been impacted.

This International Women's Day, let's support women-owned and led businesses through our personal purchasing power and support women who are keen to reenter the workforce or find new and innovative ways to increase their earning power. It’s time for all of us to come together for women at work everywhere, so we can Keep Her on the Map.

Support women-led small businesses

We've curated a list of businesses led by women you can support. 

In her words

We sat down with resilient women-led business members for advice on why they started their business, the lessons they've learned along the way and what advice they have for new business owners.
Building purpose into your business: advice from Period Aisle
We sat down with CEO Suzanne Siemens to learn all about what it takes create a purpose-built organization, and the value of ingraining your personal values into your company's DNA.
Growing slow and steady: advice from Iron Alley Gym
Slow and steady helped Iron Alley Gym win the race. Learn more about measured growth for small business.
From side hustle to success: Advice from Luna Collective
Owner of Luna Collective tells us the story behind her small business success, and advice for anyone starting their own business.
Building family culture into our business: advice from Pajo's Fish & Chips
Pajo's CEO Cindy Plumb tells us how her family's oceanfront restaurants have weathered every storm for 35 years.
Partnership and perseverance: advice from Studiothink
Co-founders Sherry Jacobi and Chandra Blouin share what it takes to build a successful partnership.
Giving up control to accept success: advice from Cold Comfort Ice Cream
Giving up control can be scary when you start a business from scratch. The owner of Cold Comfort Ice Cream opens up and shares why this was an important step in her path to success.

International Women’s Day Panel Discussion

We celebrated this year’s IWD by virtually connecting Coast Capital employees with our own women-led small business members to learn more about the year they’ve had, the lessons they’ve learned and what it’s been like for women in the world of business.

Women-run businesses we can support

Let's collectively use our purchasing power to support women-led businesses to help drive progress for gender equality.
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Resources for women in and out of the workforce

No matter where you are, we'll help you get where you want to go. We've curated lists of government relief, practical advice, and non profit organizations aimed at helping women, no matter where they are in their career. 
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