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We've partnered with Coursera so that you can gain valuable skills and grow your career.

Coursera, also a Certified B Corp, is a global online learning and career development platform with 11,000+ world class courses, guided projects, credentials and designations in areas like business, technology, data science, and health. Learn from top universities like Yale and Princeton and earn professional certifications from companies like Google, IBM, and Meta.
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of Coursera learners earned a degree or career credential for the job they wanted.2

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of Coursera learners gained valuable skills to grow their careers.2

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improved their work performance.2

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increased their salary.2

Here’s how people are using Coursera to boost their careers.

Building a Tea Company
Building a Tea Company

When Richard Rosenfeld founded Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company in Basalt, Colorado, neither he nor his partners brought much relevant business experience to their new roles. Professional education options were sparse in their small town, but when Richard heard about Coursera, he saw an opportunity to equip himself and his team with the skills they needed to run a successful company.

Pursuing a Midlife Career Change
Pursuing a Midlife Career Change

Looking to learn how to code and possibly make a career switch into computer programming, Patricia knew she didn’t want to spend money on just any educational institution, considering she still had student loans from her past to pay off. After searching online, she came across Coursera and immediately signed up for Programming for Everybody (Python).

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1. The free Coursera licence is active until December 31st of the issuing year unless otherwise indicated.

2. Results in the 2023 Coursera Learner Outcomes Report are based on a web survey conducted from January 25–March 1, 2023, with a sample of 55,648 respondents who completed a course, Professional Certificate, Specialization, University/MasterTrack Certificate, or degree program on Coursera between June 1, 2021, and September 30, 2022. The Coursera Learner Outcomes Survey was conducted in English only. The sample size enabled Coursera to obtain results with a 95% confidence level when measured against the industry-standard range of error, with the exception of University/MasterTrack Certificates and degree learners, whose results are only reported out as part of the full learner sample. Learner-Outcomes-Report-2023.pdf (