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* The Coast Capital Savings Federal Credit Union (the “Credit Union”) 2.75% 1-year convertible tax-free savings account (TFSA) Term Offer (the “Term Offer”) is available between September 3, 2019 and October 6, 2019; or when limit set by the Credit Union is reached. Rate holds are not eligible for the Term Offer. The Term Offer is only applicable to new contributions to TFSA with a minimum investment of $500. Interest options available: compound annually, pay monthly, or pay to demand account selected by member. New contributions are defined as, (1) funds transferred in from another financial institution; (2) any new contributions into a TFSA account from an existing chequing or savings account; (3) new contributions into an existing TFSA account, promotional rate is valid on new contributions only. Annual contribution limits based on legislation current as of January 1, 2019, subject to potential future change. Individuals are responsible for understanding their own CRA contribution limits. 
The Credit Union reserves the right to terminate the Offer at any time.