Driving in rush hour traffic is stressful. Budgeting shouldn’t be.

With the Budgeting feature of the Take Charge Money Manager, set up clear buckets of money for regular and not-so-regular monthly payments, so you can stay on track every month.

  • Get a snapshot of where your money is going vs. the budget you've set for each category.
  • The "Auto Generate Budget" feature will give you a realistic starting point for your budget.
  • The colour coded bubbles will give you an overview of the budgets you've set. Red means you're over your set budget, while green means you're still within your limit.
  • Bubble size ties directly to the proportion of your overall budget. The bigger the bubble, the more of your budget it takes up.

To get the full 4-1-1 of the Budgeting feature and how it works, watch the short video below.

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For a full rundown of how to use the tools in detail, check out our User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions.

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