Youth Futures Education Fund

Supporting vulnerable youth to pursue a post-secondary education.

Coast Capital launched the Youth Futures Education Fund in collaboration with the BC government, BC’s Representative for Children & Youth, the private sector and the philanthropic community.

The Fund supports BC youth who used to be in government care and are pursuing a post-secondary education on a tuition waiver – by providing them with non-tuition living expenses. With this support they can focus on their education rather than stressing about the day-to-day expenses that come with living on your own and going to school.

How you can help.

Join business, private donors and government to build the Youth Futures Education Fund. Together, we can be part of a solution that gives former youth in care the opportunity to succeed alongside their peers and enables them to fully contribute to their communities.

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How we help.

At Coast Capital Savings, we’re committed to helping youth in your community succeed during their school years. The amount and quality of education received by a young adult has a direct effect on his or her ability to obtain and retain a job with potential for growth in responsibility and compensation, to form a healthy family and to be a contributing member of the community.

Post-secondary education today is expensive and youth transitioning out of government care at the age of 19 lack the financial support and encouragement that many youth receive from their families. These youth have high rates of homelessness and many rely on income assistance.

To date, 11 BC post-secondary institutions have answered the call to provide tuition waivers and bursaries for former youth in care. The Youth Futures Fund supplements this generosity by supporting the same youth with basic living expense so they can focus on pursuing their dream of an education, and not worry about how they will survive financially.

Over 100 students formerly in BC government care are currently pursuing post-secondary schooling on a tuition waiver. We are thrilled, as part of our Youth Get It Community Investment program, to help support these youth who are determined to pursue their dreams of further education.

We're a proud partner.

Since November 2015 when the Youth Futures Education Fund was launched, Coast Capital has contributed $335,500.

To date, the total contributed to the Fund by Coast Capital and others in the private sector, government, and philanthropic community is nearly $1 million.


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