Youth Get It ™ Education Awards FAQ

Interested in becoming one of the more than 740 students who have received a Youth Get It Education Award since 2004, but you need more information? This is the place!
Applications for 2018 are now closed. If you applied in 2018, your school district will decide on the recipients of the available awards from your district. If you have been selected, you will be notified by your school by June 30.

You are welcome to apply for both, but there are some conditions. First of all, the Beth Hutchinson Award is awarded only to students from the Surrey School District. You must also meet the criteria for both awards: have overcome adversity (Standing Tall), and exemplify a commitment to continue your education in the face of considerable health challenges (Beth Hutchinson). To make a double application, just check both boxes on the application form).

While you can apply for both, you are not permitted to receive both awards. Your school district selection committee will determine the award recipients for your district, and will make the decision about which award to present.

Sorry, but we like to spread the love! If you've received an Education Award from us in the past, you're not eligible to apply again. (That said, if you've already received an award, we'd love it if you could spread the word in your school!)

No! Coast Capital is committed to building a richer future for youth in our community…not just our members. To be eligible for the Youth Get It Education Awards, you must meet our eligibility requirements at the time you apply:

  • Be a grade 12 student
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be a BC resident for at least 6 months
  • Graduating high school in the 2017/2018 school year in one of 23 School Districts in Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, mid and southern Vancouver Island and Kelowna
  • Plan to attend an accredited Canadian university, college or technical school in Fall 2018.
No, but you must be attending an accredited Canadian university, college or technical school in the Fall of 2018. And don't forget you must be a BC resident and Canadian citizen or permanent resident for 6 months to be eligible to apply.
To apply, you must meet our eligibility requirements at the time you make your application, including being a BC resident for at least six months.
No. As long as you are a grade 12 student, graduating in the 2017/2018 school year, and plan to attend an accredited Canadian university, college or technical school in Fall 2018, you can apply.
We have left it up to each school district to determine the recipients. After all, they know you best. Each school district has their own process for determining the recipients. For more information about your district’s selection process, please check with your school counsellor.
If you've been selected, first of all, congratulations! You'll be notified and presented with your award certificate by your school, no later than June 30, 2018. To process your award payment, you'll also hear from us at Coast Capital to get more information from you to finalize the award. We’ll send you an award information package c/o of your school guidance counsellor.
We're inspired by our Youth Get It Education Award recipients, and we’d like to share that inspiration with others. In addition to publishing your name on our website, we may invite you to share your story through social media, new releases, and video. But we only share what you’re comfortable sharing. Here's an example.
Your Youth Get It Education Award may be used for any education-related expense, such as tuition or books. Apples for teachers are not included.
You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada to apply.

Each recipient will receive a cheque as part of their award package. Your cheque will be included in an award information package that we’ll send to your high school guidance counsellor. The cheque needs to be deposited into your account (at any financial institution) within six months of the date on the cheque. Did you know after six months, cheques becomes stale-dated and can no longer be used?

Coast Capital members can make a deposit with Deposit On-the-go. Use your Coast Mobile® App to make deposits by simply snapping a photo of a cheque and follow the instructions (don’t forget to do the happy dance).

Yes. Education Awards, like all income, should be reported. We will send you a T4A slip for the 2018 tax year.
The best approach is to have the student make the application, but if it works best for you to nominate them, go for it! Use the same application form, and please make it clear on the application that you are nominating a student. One more thing, please ensure that all required signatures are included.
Still have questions or need more information? Contact us.

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