payWave Contactless Payments

Payment complete with a wave of your hand.

All new cards issued by Visa Desjardins will have payWave contactless payment technology. For purchases under $50, all you will need to do is wave your VISA card in front of a secure reader.

If you already have a Coast Visa Desjardins card, check for the payWave symbol in the upper right hand corner of your card to see if you have payWave access *.

How it works
Look for the payWave symbol
Hold your card near the payWave reader
Wait for confirmation that your transaction has been processed
Making transactions even easier
  • Keep your card during the whole transaction
  • No PIN or signature required
  • Payment is made by waving your card near the reader
  • You cannot be billed twice for a purchase
  • You won't be held liable if unauthorized transactions are made to your card account, 
    thanks to ZERO liability
Where can I use it?

Anywhere you see the payWave symbol.

More and more restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops and convenience stores accept this new technology. See the list of Visa payWave merchant locations .

Find out more

Visit the Visa Desjardins site to see frequently asked questions about the Visa payWave card.

* Registered trademark of Visa International Service Association, used under licence.
† Visa Int./Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec, authorized user.