Protect your Personal Access Code

In order for us to ensure that only you are allowed access to your accounts, we need a unique way of knowing that it's you. Just as the key to your home protects unwanted entry, the Online Banking "key" - your Personal Access Code (PAC) - ensures that only you can access your accounts.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the "key" to Coast Capital Savings' Online Banking services is protected.

Observe the following security practices

Update your PAC regularly

Change your PAC on a regular basis. We suggest every 90 -120 days. To change your PAC online simply log in to Coast Online Banking, select Profile and Preferences, then click Change Personal Access Code.

Select a secret PAC

Select a PAC that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.

Keep your PAC confidential

  • Do not share your PAC with anyone. Not even a Coast Capital Savings employee.
  • Do not write your PAC number down or store it in a PC file. If you absolutely have to save it somewhere, ensure only you know its location.
  • Do not permit anyone to observe you type in your PAC.
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