Mobile banking security

We aren’t going to hire a bodyguard to carry your mobile phone around for you, but we are making sure that Coast Mobile Banking is keeping your information safe and secure.

How we protect you

Same security levels as Coast Online® Banking

Just like Coast Online® Banking, we’ll ask you to log in with your member card number and your personal access code. As well, all mobile banking information is transmitted via 128-bit encryption technology as it moves from your mobile device to our systems. Since we use the same security precautions for mobile banking as we do for Coast Online® Banking, no personal or banking information is saved on your phone. Coast Mobile Banking uses the industry's best practices in security.

Privacy Options - disable features if you're not using them

Coast Mobile Banking offers the option to disable features such as Quickview and Saved Member Cards to further reduce the amount of personal data viewable and securely stored on your device.

No login required (for Text and Alerts)

You don’t need to log in to Coast Online Banking to access your account information. This means your login information is kept safe.

We don’t use your account number (for Text and Alerts)

When we send you a text message or an email through Coast Mobile Banking, we only use the nicknames that you’ve set up. We’ll never send your account number, so you don’t have to worry about this information being stored in your phone.

How you can protect yourself

Know your security options

Be sure to use the security options available on your device such as enabling password protection, and disabling your Bluetooth connection when you are not using it to prevent attackers from taking advantage of that connection. Refer to your phone's user manual or contact your mobile carrier for more information on these features.

Only download apps from trusted sources

Only download trusted applications from reputable sources such as iTunes for the iPhone.

Avoid using public wireless access points to access your online banking

Avoid where possible, using public wireless access points that have been setup for shared public purposes, such as internet cafes – these networks are generally not very secure. Use the cellular network instead of public Wi-Fi to do online banking.

Don’t email or text banking information

Never send sensitive account information such as account numbers, passwords, or any combination of information that can be used to steal your identity via text message or email.

Deactivate your phone with your mobile carrier if it’s stolen

If your mobile device is stolen, it can’t be used to access the Coast Mobile Banking without your member card number and your personal access code. You should contact your mobile carrier to have your mobile device deactivated.

Disable Mobile Banking if your phone if lost or stolen (for Text and Alerts)

If you’ve misplaced your mobile phone you can disable text banking and alerts by visiting the Coast Mobile Banking Administration page within Coast Online Banking. If you locate your mobile phone, just go online to enable the feature.

Delete your text messages and emails (for Text and Alerts)

We recommend you delete Coast Mobile Banking text messages and emails once you’re done with them.

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