Card Safety

Debit card safety

Why do I need a debit card if I only want to use Coast Online® or Coast-by-Phone® banking?

Access to online banking and/or telephone banking requires an active debit card. The last eight numbers on your card are your Personal Access Number, or PAN for online or telephone banking. Any customers wishing to access online or telephone banking must have a debit card and must use their card at least once at an ATM or Point-of-Sale machine in order to make it active.

Do Coast Capital Savings debit cards contain "contactless" technology for use at wave and pay terminals?

Yes. All debit cards issued May 24 2017 and later are enabled with Interac Flash, a quick and safe way to make small purchases by tapping your card on any Interac Flash-enabled payment terminal. If you have a microchip-only debit card and would like to switch to a card with Interac Flash capabilities, please visit your nearest branch to get set up free of charge.

Are Coast Capital Savings debit cards susceptible to "electronic pick pocketing?"

No. Debit cards with Interac Flash use EMV secure chip processing to store and process data securely. This means members are protected against fraudulent activity, including skimming, electronic pickpocketing, and other types of fraud.

Can I use my debit card outside of Canada?

Yes. Many countries have implemented chip technology and the chip on your debit card will be compatible with these systems. In countries that have yet to introduce chip or are in the process of implementing, such as the United States, cardholders will still be able to use their debit cards by making a swipe transaction.

When you travel internationally, you can make foreign currency withdrawals at any ATMs displaying any of the logos printed on the back of your card.

We recommend that when travelling internationally, you carry more than one method of payment (credit card, debit card or small amounts of local currency).

If you experience any difficulty using your Coast Capital Savings debit card while travelling outside of Canada, call us at 1-888-517-7000.

I'm getting a debit card by mail. What do I need to do when my new card arrives?

All members are required to use their new card at any ATM or to make a purchase within 90 days of receiving it. Even if you only use Coast Online® or Coast-by-Phone® banking, you’ll still need to use your new card at least once within 90 days to ensure you continue to enjoy access to these Coast Capital banking services.

Credit card safety

Your credit card is as valuable as your bank account. To both you and the bad guys. Keeping it secure, and keeping your credit card number private, will help ensure that your card isn’t comprised.

How we protect you
  • Coast Visa Desjardins credit cards are protected by microchip technology that is virtually impossible to copy. Learn more about security on the Visa Desjardins site.
  • We are part of the Verified by Visa program. Registering for this service through Visa will password protect your card and reduce the risk of unauthorized transactions on your account. Learn more on the Visa Desjardins site.
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