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Member Concerns

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As a credit union, Coast Capital is accountable to its members, and we are dedicated to being a trusted financial advisor and working in our members’ best interest. As their experiences help us to continually improve our products and services, we are committed to address and resolve any member concern in a timely and efficient manner. Our complaint resolution process allows for our members to speak up and be heard by our front line all the way to senior management.

If we are unable to resolve the matter to a member’s satisfaction, our Office of the CEO, as well as an independent Ombudsperson, are dedicated to resolving disputes through fair and impartial investigations. In 2019, the Ombudsperon received three complaints about Coast Capital’ banking products and services. As all issues were resolved to the member’s satisfaction within an average period of three weeks, none of the complaints were escalated to the industry Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments.