Corporate Social Responsibility

Coast Capital Savings is a financial institution that does things a little differently. From our innovative products and services to our community leadership, we are passionate about doing what is best for our members and our communities.

More power to you

At Coast Capital Savings, we consider being a good corporate citizen part of our DNA – it’s our heritage, our future and embedded into everything we do. Our credit union was formed by members helping members who came together to make banking fair and accessible when the banks wouldn’t. Our approach to help has always included empowering others to help themselves.

Today, we continue to hold to the same values with a vision of sustainable growth and financial well-being for generations to come. We believe we can change our world for the better through our own commitments and by empowering others to make a positive impact. We’re passionate about giving more power to Members, Employees, Communities and the Planet.

Proud to be a Certified B Corporation®

As a Certified B Corporation®, we’ve joined a growing movement of change-makers using business as a force for good. B Corporations meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability and aspire to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

We became a B Corporation because we were looking for a way to measure our impact and help us understand how we could improve.

Our commitments


More power to Members

We help empower our members to achieve what’s important in their lives by improving their financial well-being through simple financial help. We design innovative products and services to put our members in the driver’s seat. Our employees help our members build their financial future and everyday money management habits. We look after the long term well-being of our members and credit union through our leading board governance model.

More power to Employees

We help empower our employees to achieve what’s important in their lives by offering a meaningful career and an inspiring workplace that is diverse and inclusive. We help our employees improve their financial well-being while supporting their career growth and offering unique perks and benefits. Our employees are empowered to give back to their local communities through their time, knowledge, skills and resources, connecting what is most important in their lives inside and outside of work.

More power to Communities

We help empower our communities by building a richer future for youth. We invest 7% of our pre-tax profits back into the community to help break down the barriers young people face on their journey to independence. We offer youth unique opportunities and work with our partners to help youth create a strong financial future, achieve educational success, build healthy minds and a sense of belonging.

More power to the Planet

We help the planet by keeping the environmental footprint of our operations in check. We lower our impact by reducing waste, encouraging sustainable commuting and through facilities that meet green building certification requirements. We offer the latest in mobile and digital banking technology to help empower our members to minimize their impact on the environment.