Community Investment
Grants For Youth

Each year we provide grants up to $30,000 for programs that give youth a hand up on their journey to financial independence.

Funding Programs Currently Under Review

2020 was a year of accelerated transformation that allowed us to pause and view our work with a new lens. Since March of 2020, the events taking place around the globe have inspired important conversations and we are now looking to reimagine our work and the ways in which we serve our local communities.

The future is not yet clearly defined, and as such, we have paused our granting program and are currently assessing the way we support community programs as well as how each program contributes to our members, partners and our larger communities. We’re working diligently behind the scenes to ensure that our next steps take into consideration the many stakeholders who depend on our funding model. We’re excited about the future and appreciate your patience as we work to find new ways to connect and to contribute to “building back better.”

Our granting program aims to help youth aged 13 to 29 achieve what is important in their lives and build a strong financial future. We invest in programs that help young people build the foundation that will help them navigate life, achieve the education they need, prepare for the world of work and build their financial capabilities; all with a goal of contributing to a young person’s journey to becoming empowered and financially independent. We want all youth to have the opportunity to reach their full potential and have a particular interest in helping vulnerable youth who face more significant challenges.

Foundational Support: Prepare youth with resources and skills to navigate life
Foundational Support: Prepare youth with resources and skills to navigate life

  1. Promote equity, foster inclusion, and build social connectedness
  2. Develop resilience and coping skills to manage stress
  3. Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills, improve self-advocacy
  4. Ensure basic needs are met including safe and supportive housing and nutrition

Education Support: Help youth succeed at school

  1. Promote active engagement in school to support high school completion
  2. Support student preparation and transition to post-secondary

Employment Support: Preparing youth for the world of work

  1. Build work readiness skills, including leadership skills
  2. Provide pre-employment, self-employment training or work experience
  3. Help youth earn income through co-ops or volunteer opportunities

Ongoing Financial Literacy Support: Helping youth achieve the tools, skills and behaviours that build financial capability
Ongoing Financial Literacy Support: Helping youth achieve the tools, skills and behaviours that build financial capability

  1. Provide money management and budgeting skills
  2. Deliver financial education and life skills training to help prepare youth for independence

We help organizations that:

  • are non-profit societies, co-ops or have an approved sponsor organization
  • demonstrate a strong need for the project/program that is proposed for funding
  • demonstrate a strong track record, organizational capacity and the ability to complete their project
  • propose projects/programs that benefit a significant number of youth in one or more of the communities where we do business: the Fraser Valley, Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the South Okanagan
  • identify practical and realistic evaluation plans with achievable and measurable outcomes
  • encourage innovation through new approaches, new models and new ways of making change for individuals in our communities
  • promote collaboration through mobilizing and facilitating individuals, groups and communities to work together
  • have taken demonstrable action to secure additional funding and community resources
  • have prepared realistic and appropriate activity plans and budgets for the initiatives proposed

We're not able to help with:

  • political parties or affiliated activities
  • religious activities
  • individuals seeking grants (see Youth Education Awards for help)
  • deficit or retroactive funding
  • programs or initiatives outside Coast Capital Savings' market areas
  • controversial issues
  • healthcare, health events, medical equipment, individualized therapy or counselling services
  • capital campaigns and infrastructure, (e.g., for new buildings, monuments, playgrounds, etc.)
  • capital expenses, (unless they are small expenses and are part of a broader project proposal)
  • fundraising events or projects (see Community Sponsorships for Youth for help)
  • more than 70 per cent of a project’s budget (in-kind contributions will be considered)
  • organizations that have not submitted satisfactory final reports from previously received Coast Capital Savings funding
We are no longer accepting Expression of Interest (EOI) applications for Round 2 Grant Cycle

Community Investment Grant Highlights

Since their inception in 2013, our Youth Community Councils have awarded more than $10.28 million in grants to 776 youth-serving programs in our market areas. In 2019, $1,479,444 was granted to 98 youth-serving programs in our communities.

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