Online Banking Security

There’s nothing virtual about online crime.

As the world has moved online, so have the bad guys. But don’t worry, we have the measures in place for you to feel safe using Coast Online Banking.

How we protect you

Our Security Essentials

Coast Online Banking uses the highest form of security encryption to ensure that your online transactions such as bill payments and account transactions are kept confidential and secure.

Added Security Features

Our added security features help ensure that you are logging in to the official Coast Capital Savings website and help prevent phishing scams.

How you can protect yourself

Use Coast Mobile
Banking Alerts

Alerts can help protect you against fraud by informing you of suspicious activity like a change to your Personal Access Code or a new bill payee added to your account.

If you get a new phone number, don't forget to log in to Coast Online Banking and update your information to ensure you continue to receive your alerts.

Protect your Personal Access Code (PAC)

Find out how to protect the key to your Coast Capital Savings' Online Banking services.

Protect Your Computer

Learn more about the many ways to protect the information on your computer.

More Security Resources

Download free resources to help protect your computer against malicious software and view some informative videos.

As always, contact Coast Capital Savings at 1-888-517-7000 Mon-Sat, 8am-8pm if:

  • You suspect that someone knows your Personal Access Code (PAC).
  • You believe there are errors or omissions in your account.
  • You experience any loss, theft, misuse or unauthorized use.